How do I teach skills to my persona? P3p question.

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User Info: Antaraxenox

5 years ago#1
Since the P3Portable boards seem not very active this question goes to anyone who played p3p. I've been given skill cards, but no matter where I go on the menu, can't find the option to teach my main persona, the skills other personas gave me. What is the exact process to do this? What menu I should choose and what should I do? I search through all the menus and can't find those abilities to equip them, where are they and how to equip them to my main persona? Please, help me! Thanks in advance!

User Info: MyNameIsALie

5 years ago#2
This really should be on the P3P boards, as you'd get a response faster than you think.
I'll answer anyway though.
If you're talking about how to teach a persona a skill using a skill card, just open the menu, go to the items list, and go to the very bottom of it. That's where the skill cards are. Then choose one of the skill cards, then choose a persona, and then you get a new move.
If you're talking about teaching skills without the cards, when you fuse two or more persona's, some of the old persona's skills will carry over to the new one.
EDIT: Also, before you use a skill card, you should make a copy of it at Naganaki Shrine. It can be difficult to get some skill cards again.
EDIT 2: Wow, just saw your post on the P3P boards. Okay, last bit of advice, you don't equip the new skills. They are permanently taught to a persona, and the skill card is gone forever. That's why I said use Naganaki Shrine to make copies before using the card.

Wow that's a lot more to read than I expected...
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  3. How do I teach skills to my persona? P3p question.

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