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User Info: redmage1626

2 years ago#1
heya guys. got a question anyone might be able to answer.

so, for the last year, i've been playing Senjou no Valkyria 3 Extra Edition on my trusty, beloved PSPGo. i've unlocked characters via password and game progression, and most characters have been leveled up to Elite in 2-4 classes, plus the skills that come with each class and class combinations.

however, just recently, my PSPGo retired after 2 rounds of changing the LCD strip (not sure if that's what it's called) on different occasions. so, i transferred my SnV3 E2 game file from the PSPGo to a different PSP(3000) so i can play the game again. but, when i tried to start the game, there was a dialog box saying that there was a "discrepancy" or whatever with the game file. what the hell is wrong, guys? what in the hell did i do wrong?
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