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User Info: SegMaster

5 years ago#1
I know it's been a long time since the fan made English Patch was released, but I thought this might stir up some more interest for the game... still waiting for that patch update for the rest of the untranslated missions.

Went through most of the game before I figured this out.

All passwords are case sensitive, remember to switch to "English Full-width" (default L -left shoulder bumper)

JTWFXB8Y74A5FJWP Character: Anisette - VC2
QZXRF9WCY59MX7SF Character: Eleanor - VC1
HFNQLM6R432RC2HP Character: Nagisa - Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity
2QHKAEF28MHMXCN7 Character: Aliasse - VC2

5GEJZPR7QCGXW6PY Weapon: Steal-Hearts + Mission: Little Wing's Challenge

TB6WKAEZ53R7GG8X Tank Seal: Torosutesutekka
SCM6JW7LFP3WKY4A Tank Seal: Aliasse Blitz
2KAB3BJ8H58KXXGQ Tank Seal: Magari Blitz
EL8TJ8G89K83C7KF Tank Seal: Avan-Cosette
YJRW8ECF6QE97R6J Tank Seal: Compu-Ace Logo
3G6493MZW2MLSWZ4 Tank Seal: Our Only Days
4FL4WZ562R9FS4GN Tank Seal: Air Raid - Zeri
TJLF9AYGR344XN4G Tank Seal: Puyo Puto! SEGA
HJE3QX3M7BFXMHT5 Tank Seal: Good Smile Company
P9FMEB2A5Q9GNFPW Tank Seal: Shining Hearts
R72ZPF4L7L3C7G6M Tank Seal: Rappyko

As for the rest of the Characters:

Zahar Alonso, Shin Hyuga, Cedric Drake, Margit Ravelli, Clarissa Callaghan – are all unlocked by playing through the Story Missions.

Elliot Oates and Gisele Fleming – can only be unlocked one at a time in Chapter 9 depending on the route you choose, route A for Elliot and route B for Gisele, the route that wasn’t played will become locked until you finish the game.

Ilmari Gasotto – unlocked after beating the game once.

Ada Ansorge – unlocked while playing the Squadmate Mission Fragment for Cedric Drake, The Distorted Pair.

Frederica Lipps – unlocked after earning 10 different medals.

Bonus (non-Nameless) Characters:

Welkin, Alicia, Isara, Largo, Rosie – unlocked after finishing the Character Mission: Squad 7, Turning the Tide/Pierce the Central Front

Baldren, Audrey, Brixham – unlocked after finishing the Character Mission: Patriotic Siblings, Anxiety for the Future

Leon, Juliana – unlocked after finishing the Character Mission: Leon and Juliana, The Princess and the Lion/The Lion and the Diva

Avan, Zeri, Cosette – unlocked after finishing the Character Mission: Class G, Youths of Tomorrow/Kids Head for the Future

The following missions, much like the rest of the DLC content, don't have translated titles yet:

Edy, Homer, Susie, Jann, Marina, Lynn – unlocked after finishing the DLC Mission: Clash? Edy vs Dahau

Selvaria, Maximilian – unlocked after finishing the DLC Mission: The Valkyria Conflict, Selvaria at Naggiar

Jaegar – unlocked after finishing the DLC Mission: End of a Battle, Begginning of a Journey

Vyse, Fina, Aika – unlocked after finishing the DLC Mission: Clash! Welkin vs Dahau

Valkyria Riela – unlocked after finishing the DLC Mission: The Treacherous Valkyria

User Info: crunchyrollq8

5 years ago#2
Thanks for the codes !!!
Busy. Dizzy. Lazy. BBM:7450998C

User Info: SegMaster

5 years ago#3
crunchyrollq8 posted...
Thanks for the codes !!!

No problem hope you enjoy the game, I sure have.

Most of this information was already up on many sites, but somewhat fragmented, I personally spent days typing and retrying these Passwords and them coming out wrong, nobody told me I needed the text set to "English Full-width", I was using just plain "English".

...also, just in case you or anybody else were wondering, here are a few things you might be wondering:

- Dahau, Zig and Lydia are NOT unlockable Squadmates/Infantry Units, I know... sucks right? Now we will never be able to make our dream team Trio of Budacius Buxom Beauties comprised of Riela, Selveria & Lydia...

- After unlocking the Special Power "Valkyria" for Riela, during the Story Mission "Awakening" in Chaper 11, you also unlock it for Alicia, Aliasse, Selvaria and Valkyria Riela; you might also see a listing for Juliana having this ability but only in Valkyria Chronicles Duel, NOT VC3.

-There are a total of 54 Units in the game (including Tank and DLC Characters), here are their names and Preferred Classes:

01. No.07 Kurt Irving (Shocktrooper/Sniper) -SP: Direct Command
02. No.13 Riela Marcellis (Scout/Engineer) -SP: Valkyria
03. No.01 Imca (Lancer/Fencer) -SP: Weapons Unleashed
04. No.32 Giulio Rosso (Lancer/Engineer)
05. No.21 Felix Cowley (Shocktrooper/Lancer)
06. No.11 Alfons Auclair (Scout/ArmoredTech)
07. No.56 Deit (ArmoredTech/Sniper)
08. No.45 Serge Liebert (Engineer/Sniper)
09. No.15 Amy Apple (Scout/Gunner)
10. No.23 Leila Peron (Shocktrooper/Lancer)
11. No.24 Annika Alcott (Shocktrooper/Fencer)
12. No.03 Gloria Durrell (Lancer/Gunner)
13. No.12 Valerie Aynsley (Scout/Engineer)
14. No.57 Zahar Alonso (Shocktrooper/Fencer)
15. No.58 Shin Hyuga (Scout/Fencer)
16. No.25 Cedric Drake (Shocktrooper/Gunner)
17. No.33 Margit Ravelli (Lancer/Scout)
18. No.46 Clarissa Callaghan (Engineer/ArmoredTech)
19. No.18 Elliot Oates (Scout/ArmoredTech)
20. No.17 Ilmari Gasotto (Engineer/Sniper)
21. No.16 Ada Ansorge (Lancer/Sniper)
22. No.26 Gisele Fleming (Shocktrooper/Fencer)
23. No.19 Frederica Lipps (Scout/Shocktrooper)
24. No.06 Gusurug / No.63 Carisa Contzen (Tank)
25. Welkin Gunther (Scout/Engineer)
26. Alicia Melchiott (Scout/Fencer) -SP: Valkyria
27. Isara Gunther (Engineer/ArmoredTech)
28. Largo Potter (Lancer/ArmoredTech)
29. Brigitte Stark aka Rosie (Shocktrooper/Lancer)
30. Edy Nelson (Shocktrooper/Gunner)
31. Homer Peron (Scout/Engineer)
32. Susie Evans (Engineer)
33. Jann Walker (Lancer/Gunner)
34. Marina Wulfstan (Sniper)
35. Lynn (Shocktrooper)
36. Eleanor Varrot (ArmoredTech/Sniper)
37. Leon Hardins (Shocktrooper/Lancer)
38. Baldren Gassenarl (Shocktrooper/Lancer)
39. Audrey Gassenarl (Lancer/Engineer)
40. Hubert Brixham (Scout/Sniper)
41. Juliana Everhart (Shocktrooper/Fencer)
42. Avan Hardins (Scout/Shocktrooper)
43. Zeri (Shocktrooper/Sniper)
44. Cosette Coalhearth (Scout/Engineer)
45. Maximilian (Lancer/Fencer)
46. Selvaria Bles (Shocktrooper/Fencer) -SP: Valkyria
47. Radi Jaegar (Scout/Shocktrooper)
48. Aliasse (Scout/Fencer) -SP: Valkyria
49. Vyse Inglebard (Shocktrooper/Lancer)
50. Fina Sellers (Scout/Engineer)
51. Aika Thompson (Scout/Shocktrooper)
52. Nagisa (Shocktrooper/Fencer)
53. Valkyria Riela Marcellis (Scout/Sniper) -SP: Valkyria
54. Anisette Nelson (Shocktrooper/Lancer)

PS: On a personal note I have almost finished my 100% Compleated Save File, if requested I will uploaded it.

User Info: crunchyrollq8

5 years ago#4
Doing a good work Seg! , and yea I didnt know that I was supposed to use the full width English at first and got frustrated :x , but anyways since I really wanna enjoy the game story from the beginning and all , I dont need the 100% save data right now , but am sure other people will appreciate it :)
Busy. Dizzy. Lazy. BBM:7450998C
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  3. Guide for unlocking bonus content (mostly infantry units)
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