I am fed up with this solitude. I NEED FRIENDS!

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  3. I am fed up with this solitude. I NEED FRIENDS!

User Info: Delano7

6 years ago#1
GT: AStupidNewb

Being unable to find ranked matches and constantly getting booted from player rooms for whatever reason, I've grown tired of having to rely on randoms for games. I have a handful of friends as it is, but their playtimes are sporadic.

Basically, I want YOU to add me and play with me! ... Because I am lonely. :(

I wouldn't say I'm that great, but I often play against people who apparently are, so idk what my skill level is, really. I guess I'm pretty good, at least. (P.S: I live on the west coast, so if you dislike lag issues, eastern players may want to avoid me. >.>)

User Info: happypor100pre

6 years ago#2
im tired its 1 in the morning GT in sig, Could care less about lag even if it does make my better combos near impossible to do without going blue beat.

User Info: abad_lime

6 years ago#3
All you had to do was ask =P

Edit: How long does it take you to find matches? It shouldnt take long. If i didnt have 5-7 people leaving for whatever reason (better record, why leave?) id probably get a different person every minute or so.
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User Info: shadowfreeze88

6 years ago#4
I'll with ya. GT's in sig.
GT: TH3 MlLK MAN (The I in MlLK is a lowercase L)
BB:CSE-Bang; learning Rachel and Litchi

User Info: Delano7

6 years ago#5

And uhh, it does only take like 2 or 3 minutes to find a match, but to find a match worth playing (not laggy, they don't drop me, etc.), it can take anywhere from 5 to 15, if I can find people at all.

*Adds mLlk*

User Info: justcusimasian

6 years ago#6
I'm pretty much completely new to this game, anyone here feel free to add me, but I will likely be awful and in need of advice. I'm U.S. East coast btw.
"The world needs underboob, Makoto. I wish you good luck...and a strong back..." -Kokonoe

User Info: Es_Bandido

6 years ago#7
Anyone can add me. GT: Le DesertBandit

User Info: skeith2020

6 years ago#8
Feel free to add me im getting the game tommorow my GT is in my sig
XBOX Live Gamertag: C5150Angus
Pokemon White - Quinn/FC 1807-1966-6432

User Info: clschneider1990

6 years ago#9
ad me and ill be on later.

GT is EchoesofMercy
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  3. I am fed up with this solitude. I NEED FRIENDS!

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