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User Info: dc1902

6 years ago#1
i don't understand why the bar is red or 0, is it because the people are far away from me or is it my ping, by the way my ping is 112 and my download speed is 13, can someone explain please
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User Info: Banzatou

6 years ago#2
If your internet connection is up-to-speed and you live in the states, you probably need to forward your port for the 360.
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User Info: Yurka

6 years ago#3
I don't know... I haven't had anything but a red connection since CS. CT's netcode was way better than the one in this game.

Either way, you can still find pretty decent matches with 0-1 connections.
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User Info: JakeJupiter3020

6 years ago#4
i had one of the weirdest connections with a guy the other day. it was a 3 (green) connection, but there were a number of very short pauses during the matches, and it really affected gameplay. it kind of made it to where i couldn't really block or counter appropriately against the guy. aside from the pauses, the connection was great, which just made me even more frustrated.

anyway, i agree with the above poster, CT's netcode was great, but ever since CS, it's been pretty meh.
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User Info: Delano7

6 years ago#5
dc1902 posted...
i don't understand why the bar is red or 0, is it because the people are far away from me or is it my ping

It's technically both. My ping to a server close by is as little as 17, allowing for 3/4 connection with people from the same state. Sadly, it can be as high as 200 on the other side of the county, making 0 connection games standard.

Since blazblue only has a very basic server set up, all the connections are peer-to-peer, making distance a huge factor in connection speed. Also, a lot of those 0 connection players might be from Japan, which would likely explain it.

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