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  3. Does anyone actually enjoy platforming in first person?

User Info: snorom_nillort

6 years ago#1
Everytime I see platforming in a first person game, it makes me cringe. It is never fun and almost always turns out to be an annoyance more than anything else. I wonder why developers are still using it.
Gameplayingperson 6 years ago#2
As a wee little human, I played all through montozuma's revenge. And that was some crazy first person platforming. Maybe it readied me to be the awesome person I am today. But, yeah, it can be a pain.

User Info: Frankie_Spankie

6 years ago#3
I personally love it. The original Half-Life and mods had the best first person platforming IMO, could jump around platforms like crazy in that game even if it was a shooter. There were plenty of skill maps to jump around in!
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User Info: MMSMB

6 years ago#4
One of the main reasons of playing Gmod for me is platforming maps. So this game is an absolute buy for me lawl.

Each to his opinion tho :/
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User Info: Nano Kitsune

Nano Kitsune
6 years ago#5
They're my favorite genre.
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User Info: No_Mega

6 years ago#6
It has to be done right, but I generally have no problem with it. I thought this game needed to have a slightly bigger character model. My experience with other FPS games was that I could jump closer to the edge than in this. Still, the dimensional abilities made the platforming really easy in Quantum Conundrum, and let me pull off some pretty cool moves.

User Info: Paradroid90

6 years ago#7
It surprises me that so many people answer "yes" to that. I hate first person platforming. The one exception is Mirror's Edge, but then in that you were a person with arms and legs. In Quantum Conundrum you are a cube with a spring attached to the bottom so that you can jump. The platforming is an annoyance in this game. Should have been removed.

User Info: Marioface5

6 years ago#8
I like it when it's done right, like in Portal, Portal 2, Half-Life, and Mirror's Edge. I don't know about this game though, I'm waiting for a better price to buy it.
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User Info: Poifection

6 years ago#9
I love it. Like someone else said above, the platforming in the original Half-Life was the best.
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User Info: Nano Kitsune

Nano Kitsune
6 years ago#10
The problem with platforming in this game is not the short character model, it's the very low FoV (feild of view).

They give you pretty bad tunnel vision in this game for no real reason and that makes seeing where ledges are much more of a problem,

I hear an update added the ability to edit you FoV. I'd recommend turning it all the way up and see if it helps.
Aku: You can fly?!
Jack: No. Jump good.
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