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  3. 15 second ending? Rly? Spoilers obviously

User Info: da_siege

6 years ago#1
Im not sure what happens in the end.. I got close to the uncle in the giant room device thing and everything just turns white, and here comes a 15 sec animation about how i got stuck in the pocket dimension.

Id like to give the game the benefit of the doubt and say that i didnt finish the game properly and that i got a bad ending or something.

Unless that really is the ending... Well, the game was fun enough though..

User Info: headabiz

6 years ago#2
I believe they are leaving room for a sequel, where you run around as the uncle and try to fix whatever started all of this in the first place.

User Info: Poifection

6 years ago#3
^ Could be the DLC just as easily as they are releasing at least two pieces of it.
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Gameplayingperson 6 years ago#4
The story really just seems like it was just a thing cobbled together to hold the puzzles. I'm fine with that, but I could understand some people might be dissapointed a bit.

By the way, looking at the achievements, it looks like one DLC set will be Ike based, and one will be Desmond based, or I guess at least named that way.

User Info: Kurir_Telmonkin

6 years ago#5
Was Desmond the drinking bird? Or the dog? I forget
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User Info: soccaprodi

6 years ago#6
Desmond is the drinking bird.
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User Info: dakko

6 years ago#7
Yeah the end really got to me

(where is the mass effect 3 ending outrage? lol)

things were building up, everything was going to hell, and as i was getting batterys of Ike and he was growling at me (looking really evil), i was wondering what kinda of dimention swapping boss might be showing up? is Ike a badguy? whats gonna happen?

*floats into the pocket dimention*



Hopefully the dlc thats gonning will finnish the story off nicely (good thing i got the complete package thingy)

and then when i got back to the main menu... i did a thing


User Info: jpofgs_JP

6 years ago#8
Yeah I was disappointed, it felt a little epic having to surf to the end but then BAM ending, nothing really interesting happens. The song was good though but if they are setting up a sequel they damn well better.
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