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User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
6 years ago#11
At least it's better than getting buried alive.

I will refrain from any activity that could turn the entire party into smoking piles of lederhosen.

User Info: kohmei

6 years ago#12
There's a reference earlier in the game that Ike inspired Pokemon in Japan. That, coupled with the epilepsy warning at the beginning of the game, seemed to me a joke about the Pokemon episode that caused seizures throughout Japan because of the flashing eyes.

But I could be way off, I have no idea really.

User Info: Adair

6 years ago#13
Shaowstrike posted...
No he's not, it's a special option on the menu screen that you need to click in order to get the achievement.

How is that proof that the TC wasn't high?

Anyway, obvious rip-off of The Hypnotoad from Futurama... which is probably a rip-off of something...


User Info: lisasnickers

6 years ago#14
"Oh hey, I can Do A Thing now! Let's just see--OH MY GOD"

True story.
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