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  3. This game is AWESOME. Well worth the $15.

User Info: soccaprodi

6 years ago#11
I guess I'm pretty slow, I just started the second generator and I've got about 6-7 hours logged. I'm really enjoying this game as well, and it's actually my first physics-puzzle-platformer. Was Portal this heavy on the Platform aspect? One of my favorite things about this game is how much jumping and timing there is for the player to do, making it tricky even after solving the puzzles and much more enjoyable

I'm not too worried about hours of content. Afficianados should appear to blow through the main game rather quickly, but the R&D room looks pretty expansive once you uncover all the blueprints and modes and whatnot. Already has at least two DLCs coming as well, hopefully pretty inexpensive given how little they were in the pre-order bonus.
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User Info: JohnStrider

6 years ago#12
Yes, it is quite good and definitely worth the price. The puzzles just keep getting better and better as they introduce new dimensions to use, and I love how it never "phases out" previous tricks out of the solutions, instead continuously building on them and really forcing you to think outside the box on occasion.

Is there anything more awesome than turning a couch fluffy and throwing, slowing down time to jump on it, flipping gravity back and forth to surf through the air and turning it into heavy metal to clear a laser fence and crash through a window?
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User Info: captainjamie

6 years ago#13
Love this game. I agree, definitely worth the $14. I imagine that there will be some DLC's or user-created levels in the future as well.
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User Info: Marioguy5

6 years ago#14
2 DLCs are confirmed.
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  3. This game is AWESOME. Well worth the $15.
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