Happy ending?

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User Info: CarbolicSmoke

5 years ago#31
I agree with some of the earlier post - the ending itself wasn’t bad, it just would’ve been nice if it went for more than 10 seconds. There was so much effort poured into the other cinematics (and the game’s aesthetics generally), it’s a bit of a letdown. There are also a few prominent loose ends:

The research book in the academy pointedly states that some fairy folk also have the ability to swap bodies with others – so can Nuri? Does her homeland return to normal with the Seer destroyed? Do Andergast and Nostria ever make peace? If Nuri is stuck as a raven, can she speak like the Seer could? If she can’t speak, is that such a bad thing?

… Okay, you can probably make your own minds up on that last point, but the rest of the loose end stand.

Just to clarify on the ‘honest man’ tangent, there are two apparent opportunities to tell Nuri the truth, though neither pan out. One is at the mill – you end up having to lie to her anyway to convince her to keep moving. The other is at the swamp (and this is where you get the achievement) – but as you start to tell her the truth, you get… sidetracked, and then never get around to telling her.

Like I said, still loved the game – it’s just a pity when these things don’t end with a flourish.

User Info: Xuang9

5 years ago#32
I wish there was a happy ending but we got the not so sad not so happy ending maybe they'll be a sequel? who knows I mean they could even release a book of this as a sequel and I would buy it for 20 dollars even that is if it was a very large book so I can use it later to squish spiders.

User Info: CarbolicSmoke

5 years ago#33
Well it looks like Deponia (one of their other games) is getting a sequel, so there’s a little cause for hope. Not much, but some.

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