looks awesome

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User Info: knives out

knives out
5 years ago#1
i hope it sells
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User Info: Shifter1178

5 years ago#2
Never heard of it..but the artwork is incredible

User Info: zavlinz

5 years ago#3
Its based on a popular german pen&paper game, and its made by daedalic, possibly the most exciting modern adventure developer around.
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User Info: elessarGObonzo

5 years ago#4
not Drakensang. just another point & click and no rpg or adventure aspect.

User Info: zavlinz

5 years ago#5
^um point&click IS adventure. And well aware that it doesnt have rpg elements. Its still inspired from an rpg world.

User Info: c0rr0s10n

5 years ago#6
is this on steam?
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User Info: Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower
5 years ago#7
c0rr0s10n posted...
is this on steam?

It is now.

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