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  3. $21 on US PSN; $14.70 for PS+

User Info: Supso

6 years ago#1
Finally low enough for me to pick up!

Special Lasts for a week, the regular price after sale has gone down to $30.

User Info: We_Luv_Katamari

6 years ago#2
Easily purchased for $14 :)

User Info: Banthug

6 years ago#3
I got 1,000 gamerscore on the 360 version and just got it for Vita. This is one awesome game and worth the discounted or full price :)

User Info: MidgardDragon99

6 years ago#4
Yeah 15 bucks on PSN made this a no brainer finally, even though I had the PS3 version and never played it. Finally finished it on Vita and it was excellent.
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  3. $21 on US PSN; $14.70 for PS+
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