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  3. Rayman origins or metal gear 2 and 3 on vita?

User Info: chubax

7 years ago#1
im torn on what to buy. rayman seems a cool platformer
and ive played metal gear 2 and 3 before but never finished either. what do you think?
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User Info: tveye363

7 years ago#2
I chose Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Even though I've played and beaten every MGS game about a dozen times (as well as Rayman 1 and 2 on the PS1), I still couldn't resist the cheaper price for two full length, amazing games.

User Info: LUCIUS 20

7 years ago#3
I agree. I did the same. But this is my next purchase. I cant wait.
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User Info: NeoArashi

7 years ago#4
I got them at the same time lol, thanks to my GF giving both to me a BD present. =D
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User Info: rockstar28

7 years ago#5
I've beat both metal games in the past and HD don't do nothing for me. Yeah they are classics but go with rayman:origins. It truly is a great side scrolling platformer.

If metal gear HD came with peacewalker then maybe i'd say go with it but unfortunately it don't. They are both lengthy games with metal gear leading the way with massive amounts of dialog and cutscenes. Rayman just gets to the point and thats it.

They are both great games but once they are both beat, good luck on going back unless your a completion maniac.
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  3. Rayman origins or metal gear 2 and 3 on vita?
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