How do you decide what to buy?

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User Info: guitarluva1

1 year ago#1
I only got the game recently and have mostly been playing deathmatch but tried out a few casual games.

I never know what to get especially early or after a bad round when money is limited.

Anyone have any advice on when to buy what?

User Info: Erayne

1 year ago#2
Quite often (but not always) when you don't have enough money it's a good idea to just not buy anything. Of course it's much better if the money management is made in a similar way by the whole team. It's not a good idea to buy an expensive weapon when the rest of the team is playing with pistol (bigger chance to lose the weapon). You'll learn how to manage your money better by playing. Even details can do some difference, like not buying helmet if you are low on money and the whole enemy team has ak/awp

User Info: G_HostCodeRed

1 year ago#3

User Info: Suicide_Jester

1 year ago#4
Usually the biggest mistake new players make is spending all of their money every round. If you're sitting at around $2000-$3000 it's usually a better idea to buy light like a p250 and body armour. You're less likely to win that round sure, but you're guaranteed to have enough money next round for AK/M4 and full armour +helmet.

In the end you're better off saving to get to that full buy rather than constantly spending 3k for smgs each round. Like WarOwl says in that video, you're buying as a team. Watch what other people are doing or even just ask your team what you should be buying if you're unsure.

User Info: Shinnokxz

1 year ago#5
Get well with an SMG like an UMP, especially if your earlier rounds have been a success. The reason for UMP is for its armor penetration, where for $1200 you can do just as much damage as if you had a p90. It can carry you. Same with the heavy stuff. I like to catch the enemy during one of their light-buy/half-buy round with a Mag7 or Nova for the kill rewards.

You'll find yourself with a boatload of money for most of the half. But usually, if in early competitive matchmaking, you'll just be buying your team weapons round after round at the risk of being kicked.
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User Info: TitanStrike

1 year ago#7
Shinnokxz posted...
Get well with an SMG like an UMP

get good* lol trying to sound like you know "the good english" and marking my post xdddddd
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User Info: G000N

1 year ago#8
i'm buying a gaming pc just for this.
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