Someone explain to me how the opening of cases works?

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  3. Someone explain to me how the opening of cases works?

User Info: NewportBox100s

1 year ago#1
I've never played this game, but just watched this video and I had no idea what was going on. How much money did they spend here? It looks like they were spending 50 bucks a pop like it was water. What's the deal on weapons in this game and how do they work? Do you just get cool skins for guns? How many guns are there? How much money do people spend on this? I have so many unanswered questions.

User Info: YattaRX8

1 year ago#2
A key for a box costs $2.50. You can buy boxes off the market, but they're also pretty common drops. And unless the box is for a new set of skins, the box is probably only going to cost something like 10 cents (with some exceptions)

The boxes merely contain skins. Some skins are worth a good amount of money. Most are worth less than the toilet paper your wipe your ass with. Overall, opening up cases is a waste of money, and if you want a skin, you should just buy it off the steam market or a trusted 3rd party website.

All guns are available to be used at all times (barring team specific guns). There is no paywall and you don't have to "unlock" them by playing the game.

That pretty much covers everything relevant. The rest you can figure out by playing the game for 5 minutes.

User Info: NewportBox100s

1 year ago#3
Wow, that sounds crazy. But in the video the guy says "Well there goes another $50". So how much were they really spending there?

User Info: Suicide_Jester

1 year ago#4
Very old cases can be more expensive too. Most likely he just spent $50 on keys, opened a bunch of cases and got garbage out of them. Knives are the rarest items in cases and usually go for like $80-200. Some knives go for even higher if they are a rare type and the random pattern of that type is applied just right. But knife drops are like 1 in 200 case openings on average or something like that.

The chance of striking it big entices tons of people and Valve just rakes in the cash. It's mostly a social status thing to have a very expensive inventory to show off in this game.

User Info: Fernando_1372

1 year ago#5
Some websites have good prices on keys, or have raffles for them. (You use an online currency for raffles) Like G2A and Unikrn and

User Info: LiQuId1245

1 year ago#6
Skins can go upwards of a thousand dollars i.e. AWP Dragon Lore
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User Info: NewportBox100s

1 year ago#7

User Info: Rohkey

1 year ago#8
1) Don't open cases, ever. Yeah you can get lucky, just like in the lottery, but the key is worth a lot more (keys are the currency for trading and people will almost always accept less value in keys than a skin is worth, sometimes to the tune of around 80-85% market value), but a while back I saw a few analyses that showed most cases have around or less than $1 in expected value. That means you're losing 250% of your investment by opening a case. And the $1 was inflated because of the 1 in 10000-100000 chance you get some crazy expensive knife basically.

2) Skins are for fun and have no impact on the game. I actually think they negatively impact the game bc people get distracted in MM and just wanna talk about skins/your inventory sometimes, and you run into a lot of beggars and s*** (though more so in casual). I'll be trying to clutch or save and some guy on my team will start rambling on about my skin and ask me to inspect or whatever. Actually one of the reasons I'm in the process of selling my expensive skins for cheaper ones.

3) CS:GO Stash is a good website to look at all the skins and prices.

4) You typically do not want to use the Steam market for buying/selling, due to how big of a cut they take and that you only get Steam credit. It is easier, safer, and more convenient to use the Steam market, but you can find skins for much cheaper (more true for expensive items) on sites like OPSkins which deal with real money (technically you buy their currency using real money, but it's transferable to real money). And sites like CS:GO Lounge offer skin-for-skin or skin-for-key trading.

5) Scammers are everywhere. Particularly if you have a knife or expensive skin, you will have people try to scam you. Even with me being paranoid and diligent I f***ed up once when I was doing mass trading and failed to notice a guy on CS:GO Lounge listed an item as minimal wear but it was actually well-worn (worst part is I inspected it, as you should always do, but I had graphics on minimum and didn't notice the difference). Seems like a small thing but the price difference was about $60 between the MW and WW versions of the skin. Familiarize yourself with popular scams, and always be leery. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If someone randomly adds you on Steam, they're probably scamming you. If anyone sends you a link, ever, and you don't know them, it's probably a scam. Some will even play the long con and talk to you for a week or so, then maybe invite you to play in their tourny or talk over Mumble/Skype/whatever. Don't. Do. It.

6) Skins can be expensive but there are some great looking skins for popular weapons for real cheap. For instance, the AK-47 and AWP Elite Build and Redline, the AWP Worm God, M4A1-S Cyrex (may seem expensive but I got a FN ST when it was over $200 and am kicking myself as they're now like $80), M4A1-S Basilisk, M4A4 X-Ray and Dragon King, etc.
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  3. Someone explain to me how the opening of cases works?

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