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  3. New Faq - thank you Luis.

User Info: drclaeys

3 years ago#1

a new FAQ has been posted. thank you luis.

and great job with your english. I have been trying to learn Spanish for 2 years and guess what.. i am up to "hola" jajajajaj

again, thank you for your efforts.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
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User Info: LuisCota1986

3 years ago#2
Thank you.
This was the first RPG i saw here on GameFAQs without a walkthrough so i decided to write my own even after four years of his release...

I have five years of English in school and thanks to video-games it has always be present in my life (unlike the French i used to know and basically lost...)
Portuguese is my main language not Spanish...
I live in Portugal witch is next to Spain so i understand a lot of Spanish but speaking it can be difficult because many words sound the same but i usually mix them by mistake.

About the walkthrough i still have some stuff to do even after this second update so it will take me a bit more time to finish it and any help will be welcome:)
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  3. New Faq - thank you Luis.
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