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User Info: Taliesin_2

5 years ago#1
I've read both here and at Amazon that this game is either a military strategy game OR a rpg. What is your take on the game? Is it a rpg? Is it open world or a set path? And if you've played Game of Thrones Ascent, is it anything similar that? Like Medevial SimCity?
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User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#2

its way more rpg then it is strategy. IM not even sure where you heard that. its not really open world, if we can use skyrim as an example of that. You can go back through areas, sometimes, but there is usually nothing new there.

Its a pretty damn hard game, Its a complex story of 2 men, and there stories are very intertwined. sometimes you can pick one or the other, to be the leader, and the AI does the other.

If you played two worlds 2, or risen, or two worlds. Its kinda like that. But those are also open world, and this is not.

I did not play that other game, but It has been brought up before. From what I read, its nothing like that. This is not a chess game, you dont position your fighters on a field. None of that. Just a guy with a sword and magic, or a sword and a dog, and lots of bad guys, with swords.

There are some decisions to pick, so depending on which side you choice, that will have results later. But its still all done with roll play, cut scenes, and audio, and not like a chess board.

I hope that helps. Good luck.
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