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User Info: Rasputin77

8 years ago#11
Totally agreed. Many of the free Minis for plus members are... meeeeeeeh, not so good! But this one is. Plenty of levels with an individual challenge attached to each.

Very cool.
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User Info: abaraxas69

8 years ago#12
my one gripe with this great game...
after you go through that hassle of getting to the very last bottom end panel you end up getting the same good ending youve been getting for the last 5 or so maps
woulda hit the spot to have that last map have a special ending or unlock a special weapon or a cheat or something
its a stupid gripe but getting to that last map is a task and a half lol

User Info: evanac

8 years ago#13
I agree with you!

We had a really tight deadline for this game - it went from an idea to submission at SCEA/SCEE in 11 weeks.

Unfortunately extras like that were the first things to go come crunch, but maybe next time if we did it again.

I am really tempted to get this done on iOS/Android.

One thing we dropped too was the ability for your guy to have to physically escape level after all ammo was gone. the idea was you'd have to get from left of the screen to right without getting hit by zombies, but we left it out.

I am kind of glad we did now, but I'd be interested to know your thoughts on it... :)
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User Info: danshame

8 years ago#14
woah, just went into a 6 hour time warp last night trying to gold or better all the levels. Haven't played a game til the sun came up in a loooooong time!
The escape idea would have been interesting, saves room for a sequel right?

User Info: crimsonmask77

8 years ago#15

Just got this mini tonight and I must say Great job to the devs. This is a very fun game, hope it gets the attention it deserves. :D

User Info: Shiro_Ben

8 years ago#16
There aren't many games that I bother even to finish these days, but with this I played it until I platinumed every single stage, even the fiddly acid zombie ones, and now I'm starting from scratch again. Excellent game, and the levels with a bunch of soldier zombies and exploding barrels are just fabulously fun.

User Info: abaraxas69

8 years ago#17
the escape idea while interesting woulda changed a good formula a little too much i think whats fun in this game is that your a sniper in a safe spot trying to kill off enough zombies to be able to escape Having to actually escape would kinda ruin that thought Only additions Id want would be a final ending scene for the last map in the bottom corner and maybe a special weapon (rocket launcher anyone?) which would probably be enough of a cheat to warrant not having infinite ammo or triple explosion range cheats
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