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User Info: Jamesccg

8 years ago#1
And I got it free with PS+. Its one of the most fun Minis yet.
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User Info: evanac

8 years ago#2
I worked on this one - glad you're enjoying it!

Eurogamer just gave it an awesome 9/10 review, too:


Always nice to get great feedback on your work, so thanks again! :)
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User Info: ImperatorA3

8 years ago#3
It's indeed a fun and addictive game. One of the best minis.
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User Info: Cheta

8 years ago#4
I got a simple question then.. haha.. Uhm.. OMG how the heck do you play this?? I cannot figure it out!?!? Sometimes I do a spread of several and sometimes I hit only one.. I'm trying to hit one in the middle of a crowd .. but like I said.. !?? Cripes.. It's a fun.. but really REALLY aggravating when I can't seem to hit more than a bronze.. Doesn't make sense. Help!?

User Info: candycab

8 years ago#5
I'm enjoying this game as well.

I know a lot of people will take one look at it and never give it a chance
based on looks alone [ which I find very sad ] too bad for them.

Yet another game that shows how fancy visuals aren't a necessity to make a good fun game. I find that rather refreshing in todays gaming market, good work guys :)

User Info: evanac

8 years ago#6
Thanks again for the nice comments!

@Cheta - every zombie type has its own fixed splash radius. If another zombie is within that radius it'll go down too.

Don't worry about getting much more than bronze to begin with. As you get the bronze medals in you'll get cash to upgrade the zombies and then shoot for the better medals after that. You'll get there!

While I'm hear I might as well ask you guys to check out the laughingjackal.co.uk website and our facebook and twitter pages.

Your support is really important and you never know, you might like some of our other stuff! ;)
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User Info: eSpudd

8 years ago#7
I don't post (because this is GameFAQs after all), but hot damn is this game fun!

I got with my PS+ membership and I spent a good hour or two last night figuring this thing out and shooting zombies while trying out all the various upgrades. Some of those levels get real challenging!

I also enjoy the simple color scheme, helps set the mood.

Hope sales are going well!
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User Info: evanac

8 years ago#8
Thanks for posting back.

The game's still in its 'PS+ only' state only, but goes on general release next Tuesday (SCEA) and Wednesday (SCEE).

Hopefully then we'll start to see a good uptake of paid downloads. It's got our most positive critical and user feedback of any game yet, so fingers crossed!

Thanks again for taking the time to write. :D
"You should not drink and bake." - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Raw Deal

User Info: evanac

8 years ago#9
Another quick update. OMG-Z just got an 8/10 Silver award in its review over on Pocketgamer. Check it out:


Have a nice weekend. :)
"You should not drink and bake." - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Raw Deal

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

8 years ago#10
I'm enjoying this too. Hope you got a decent paycheck for giving it out on Plus before it got a general release.
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