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User Info: shadow210

1 year ago#1
Ive beaten all 3 borderlands games. Then i deleted save files. Now im playing 2 because of dlc for story from 2 to 3 that is out in September. Problem is that mission u need level 38 or better. Im at level 25 and just dont see how to get to 38? Even if i did all my remaining missio s it would only go up to level 26...

User Info: Imit8m3

1 year ago#2
Beat the main game and then go into tvhm and play it again. No way to get to 38 in normal.
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User Info: EternalGST

1 year ago#3
Highest I got was 37 with Gaige in normal. I thought it was weird I got virtually no xp even in the DLCs I played. So frustrating then I just said eff it, kicked Jack in the grapes and started TVHM. It was the right call. There are lv 50 missions in normal but only in the DLCs and everything else is capped at 35. So when they're red and say "impossible" they truly mean its impossible.
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