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User Info: Kidddo

4 weeks ago#1
I'm new to this game so I'm not familiar with all the functions yet.

I recently reached the part where Roland got abducted by some kind of robot from his cell. I fought my way through the robot infested place and reached the fast travel machine. I traveled back to sanctuary to do some stuff. When I tried to return, there was no option to go back to the same place. I had to return to bloodshot stronghold and fight my way through the whole place again to get back to where I was. Is this normal? Do I have to do something to activate the fast travel option?
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User Info: FishOfPain

3 weeks ago#2
There are some fast travel points that are one-way only.

If I remember correctly, the easiest way to tell the difference is that the one-way fast travel ones are more yellowish in color and also has some sort of "no return" sign on them.
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