Does anybody still play?

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User Info: Hyper13

1 month ago#1
Hi, Ive been looking for legendaries and pearls and just overall good weapons but I’ve found some of the areas too difficult to do by myself or too time wasting , does anybody want to co-op or just farm w me?
If so psn is HyperionTechMech.

User Info: Xavier_Destalis

4 weeks ago#2
I can't speak for PSN, but PC (Steam specifically) still has quite a few players on BL2.

User Info: Trahaldi

4 weeks ago#3
Well I am in a community on the ps4 called „borderlands helpers – boosters – friends – dupers“ which is pretty active still. There are usually lobbies for powerleveling, item drops etc and many ppl are doing stuff like fresh start runs, op8 raid bosses and stuff, and if you post on the community wall there to ask for any kind of help there are many veteran players dedicating their online time to helping others me being one of those

edit: as for ps3 i am not sure, i think many ppl started playing again since the handsome collection was available on ps4 for like € 10,--
psn-id: haldi0815
steam: el_gringo_grande
(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: Egoist

3 weeks ago#4
I would love to but I've just reach level 72 and currently farming for gear to get to OP8 and this is my first time playing the game so I don't know if I would be of much help, oh and I play melee zero.

I'll add you on PSN though.
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  3. Does anybody still play?

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