The Hard Road to OP8

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User Info: LucyR227

2 weeks ago#1
Hello, this is my first post here and my first dabble into the online community as I'm mostly a single-player gamer.

But, as the title suggests, I'm trying to get one of my characters through to OP8, yet have hit a dead-end at OP5. While I've managed the solo road with the other characters, Krieg - that walking slab of meat - is giving me grief with the many mini-bosses spread throughout the peak. Without little enemies to proc Bloodbath, I'm struggling.

So, if there's anyone out there with a high-powered character, perhaps the walking-apocalypse Salvador or a support Maya, and is willing to help me break this barrier, it'd be very much appreciated. I've no major time commitments at the moment so can be any reasonable hour of the day (GMT). Feel free to either respond to this post or message my Gamertag: L801. I'm on the Handsome Collection on Xbox One.

Oh, and as I've not done co-op before, what are the hosting priorities like? Do I need to host to get my character to register the OP5-6 raise after completing the peak?

Thanks :)


User Info: elusivereaches

2 weeks ago#2
I know how that is. I just recently got into a game with random people and got it done pretty quick. I wish I could help you though but I'm on PSN. I hope you are able to find some that can give you a hand. Happy hunting!

User Info: LucyR227

2 weeks ago#3
Ah, no worries :) I reached out to the Gearbox forums and found someone there who's going to try and help me. Fingers crossed!
(message deleted)

User Info: DE_WAE

1 week ago#5
If you're stuck you might as well just go get gibbed

User Info: Gryphter97

4 days ago#6
Add me. Xone handsome collection as well. Gt: Gryphter

I may be a bit out of practice but I can run you through. As far as Sal or maya, I will give you a couple options when we play.

Until then, happy hunting.
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User Info: LucyR227

4 days ago#7
Hey thanks for reaching out. :) I managed to find someone on the Gearbox forums a couple of days who got me through. Forgot to update this post, so my apologies there.
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