Co-Op friends wanted!

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User Info: auzi39

3 months ago#1
Hey everyone, just wanna put a shout out to anyone who wants to help me with BL2 on 360!! I've done all the main story and almost all the DLC (just a few left in Hammerlocks BGH), but I dont have any of the HH packs. Im a lvl 42 Commando and the only things left for me to finish are all the 'friend bosses', you know, Hyperius and all those, rounds 4&5 of Murderlins, and I also want partners to do TVHM with!! I'll also be looking to level up doing the bar room brawl a few dozen times! Im in Australia so Im hoping to find fellow players close by, but of course all are welcome (my US/UK friends are always offline when I try so...) I want honest decent players, NOT LOOT NINJAS (I dont have anything worth stealing anyway!!!!) and players whose games are NOT modded, bugged or glitched! If you're serious and wanna have fun playing message my GT - Gekko36 Thanks!

User Info: DE_WAE

3 months ago#2
Wtf are you still doing on the 360?? Get a pc console peasant
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