Recommended partner for playing with newbie?

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User Info: Darksteel

4 months ago#1
Cliffs: Who's good for carrying a bad Gauge?

My girlfriend just had her ankle operated on and shes bored as hell since she has to keep weight off it for 2 weeks. Was looking over my old games and she saw this, wanted to give it a shot. I know Gauge is good for newer players so she's going to be playing as her, as her aiming in FPS type games is pretty bad. Who could I pick that would go well with her?

I remember Maya was a good team player since she could heal but I'd also really like to try Axton. Haven't touched this game in years so I'm unsure as to how well he is at assisting/carrying teammates. Or would Salv/Psycho be better if I can tank for her?
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User Info: BayouJoe

4 months ago#2
Axton is a good choice, his turret is provides a temporary shield and is extremely deadly and efficient when it's maxxed out
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 months ago#3
Maya with Restoration and Res.

You can shoot her to keep her alive, and insta-revive her when that's not enough.

Aside from that, regular phaselock can keep the two of you on your feet in certain situations against tougher dudes. (Bad Maw, Mad Mike, Goliaths, BA psychos, etc....)
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User Info: Anarki471

4 months ago#4
Maya is a great partner for anybody but especially good for any n00b for all the reasons Jambi_Man mentioned.

Maya can heal herself and her partners
She has the Res skill which allows her to instantly revive a downed player from long range, Res is IMO possibly the best skill to have in multiplayer, especially for Raid Bosses where she can keep the party on their feet, also (when Spec'd right) Maya can put out a whole lot of damage at the same time
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User Info: Pixel_Face

4 months ago#5
Axton might be a bad choice to be if she's a newbie. His turret is awesome - which means if she's not great at aiming in the first place it can end up being a killstealing a-hole and might be super discouraging for her. It definitely was for my gf when she started playing! We've been replaying it for the last few months actually - wierdly enough I'm now playing Gaige and she's playing Axton - she now totally 'gets' why I love that turret so much, and now I get how annoying it can be for other players haha (at least in the early levels, pre-TVHM)

Like you and others have said, Maya is probably the best, because heals + locking enemies in place = more chance for her to contribute. If you've already played a Maya and want something different, Salvador might be a good alternative - he's got that ability that aggro's all enemies and makes them go after him, which you could use to keep the heat off your girlfriend and increase her survivability?
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