What elements are good against what enemies??

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User Info: Lilshikz

5 months ago#1

not been playing long so just wondered what is best types to use against certian mobs for extra damage if it works like that?


User Info: Anarki471

5 months ago#2
Explosive is your good all rounder element with good damage overall and no overall weaknesses
Corrosive attacks are best against Armoured enemies, (Such as Loaders and most Skags) but weak against shielded or Flesh/unarmoured enemies.
Fire works best on Flesh/unarmoured enemies (Most Bandits and Pandoran Wildlife) but is weak against Shields and Armour.
Shock will destroy Shields but is weaker against Flesh/unarmoured and Armor

Slag is different, it's more a damage booster, Slagged enemies take more damage from your non Slag weapons, During the higher difficult modes Slag will become more useful but it's a requirement in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (Hard Mode)

This may be more helpful to you
I swear that link is not a rickroll

User Info: Eternal K

Eternal K
5 months ago#3
For quick reference, you can look at enemy health bars. If it's yellow, use a corrosive weapon. If it's red, use an incendiary weapon. If they have a blue shield bar, take it down with a shock weapon.

As Anarki said, explosive is pretty solid damage no matter what the target is, and slag can provide a nice damage boost if you feel like you're not laying down enough hurt.
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User Info: Lilshikz

4 months ago#4
that is some awesome info, thanks alot for all that guys. im going to start hunting to try find some good weps. but theres so many weps lol but guess not to look too hard as im only lvl 47 at the mo.

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  3. What elements are good against what enemies??

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