Lvl 72 Plz?

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User Info: DuneMan

7 months ago#11
It's definitely nice to see folks and a bit of life on the board.

Hopefully folks are still around in 2019 when Borderlands 3 releases.
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User Info: WarsteelIX

7 months ago#12
Tomorrow will be 5 years to the day that BL2 was released- celebrate by power leveling a stranger! :)
Behind every good deed lies an ulterior motive...
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User Info: xJAYx29

7 months ago#14
Even though this game is five years old it's Still alot of fun and way better than destiny. You should have no problem finding people to play with. Many people are still playing

User Info: xJAYx29

6 months ago#15
ebc1973 posted...
Anarki471 posted...
Wow so many Lurkers

It's good to see you all

Good to see you too!

BLand Love

User Info: zaafmaster

6 months ago#16
Holy smokes batman good to see all the borderlands lurkers are still out in force excellent good to see ya all

User Info: magemaximus

6 months ago#17
i can help you get to close to 50 lol. i don't have dlc so my level cap is 50. i am farming the warrior right now for the fakker or w/e shotgun. is it possible to invite you to my game even if you are a low level? i'm on TVHM. this is for others as well.
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