My Solo Zero build for Level 50

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User Info: Crawmerax61

1 year ago#1
Since lots of people are still asking for this I thought I would make one. Before I start I just wanna say it works for ME at least but I don't know your playing style but hope this helps... Also I'll list what I solo terra with in this to.

My skill tree (I also have a legendary class mod that adds five to all the first tier skill.)

HeadshOt: 5/5
Optics: 1/5
Killer: 5/5
BOre: 1/1
VelOcity: 5/5
Kill COnfirmed: 3/5
At One with the Gun: 1/5

Fast Hands: 4/5
COunter Strike: 1/5
Fearless: 5/5
Death Mark: 1/1
UnfOreseen: 3/5
Innervate: 5/5
TwO Fang: 5/5
Death BlOssOm: 1/1

IrOn Hand: 1/5

For Terra I use a lvl 50 bee with a +41772 amp shot and a lvl 49 React Sand Hawk that does a base of 3865 DMG. A legendary Hunters class mod with +33% cooldown rate, +26% Crit damage, and a +16% reload speed. It also adds 5 skill points to.,. HeadshOt, Fast Hands, COunter Strike, Killing BlOw, and IrOn Hand

Hope this helps
👅💦your welcome

User Info: Jambi_Man

1 year ago#2
Why the point in optics? That's worthless. The COM doesn't boost this skill, and even if it did, it's still a wasted point.

Also, for general gameplay, and especially Terra, why on earth would you opt for unforseen, over rising shot?

You have a point in at one with the gun, but you're using an smg for Terra. I can understand this skill with a sniper dedicated build.

For Terra, using a "gun" build, Counter Strike is a waste... once again, more points better used in rising shot. A good skill for general gameplay though.

I'd consider a point in killing blow for that 600% melee on weak targets. This would be more beneficial than say... 3 points in kill confirmed.

I'm sure you get along just fine at level 50 with this build. I'm not saying you don't, but this is far from an alpha build. And it's a terrible Terra build. You can slap a sandhawk and bee on anyone, and beat level 50 Terra without much trouble. You could've made the post much shorter by saying "here's my Zero Terra build... Use a Beehawk."

Btw, you can do ok at level 50 with no skill points whatsoever. Juuuuuussss sayin
Spiral out...

User Info: Anarki471

1 year ago#3
Terrible build

Youtube search Man of Low Moral Fiber Zer0 Build
I swear that link is not a rickroll
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