I noticed Psycho's inner voice today

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User Info: daveynopenope

1 year ago#1
It's so quiet, I haven't noticed it until now. During one of my sessions, it got really loud. I thought someone had entered my game without me knowing and was yelling at me in a polite tone of voice! XD

I did some research on his inner voice, and there's quite a bit of psycho lore included in it.
This is kinda awful,
but mostly awesome.

User Info: Anarki471

1 year ago#2
Yeah he's actually got a lot of backstory (most of which is canon too), i'd check out his page on the Borderlands wiki as they have a list of his quips and shoutouts (also his arguments and comments between his inner and outer voices that are hilarious while at the same time giving clues to his backstory)
I swear that link is not a rickroll
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  3. I noticed Psycho's inner voice today

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