LEAST Favorite BL2 Character

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User Info: Shake_Like_E

4 years ago#11
Arc166 posted...
Sal by far.

Shooting is fun and all but when I use my action skill I expect something really cool to happen. Shooting 2 guns is not what I would call really cool.
On top of this he's, even without going out of my way to abuse broken setups and the like, so insanely strong, durable and stacked with bonuses that he makes the game boring because he makes it a complete joke. Completely the opposite of my fav, Krieg, who is stacked with disadvantages which make the game more of a challenge and has a skill which makes him use no guns (which I could very easily see people finding as boring as I find 2 guns)

Taking Half or less damage is a disadvantage? Not getting knocked easily around is a disadvantage? Stun lock with thrown Ax during RTB is a disadvantage? Bloodsplosion? Lighting self on fire? Come on. Krieg is the best.
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User Info: Arc166

4 years ago#12
He's built around turning disadvantages into advantages while everyone else simply gets advantages. To make up for this his damage output in melee range when he doesn't proc silence the lambs multiple times in a row and off himself is absurd.
Of course setting himself on fire is a disadvantage lol; it's the bonuses he gets from doing so which is the advantage, but the actual being on fire part hurts.

He is the best though. By far. Because he's the most fun when not proccing silence the voices so many times he kills himself or getting that annoying as hell glitch where he puts away his wep but doesn't pull out his axe. God I hate that glitch. Actually stopped playing him some time ago partially because that would happen more times than not, then when it didn't he'd just kill himself.

User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#13
I can't really say because there's something I enjoy about each of them.

Like right now I'm tempted to vote Gaige or Zer0 only because they're the two I haven't played lately. But I know that as soon as I load them up again, I'll go, "wow, I forgot how much fun it is playing as them."
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User Info: Brandt

4 years ago#14
I'll echo the sentiment that Salvador's action skill is just more shootin'.
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User Info: OCShoes

4 years ago#15
Voted Gaige because she's the least fun for me to play, but Krieg as a character I hate. Hate his lines, his dialogue, his callouts, I hate just about everything about his character. And good god i hate playing in co op with someone as Krieg, I heard that damn line about movies or whatever so many times I actually turned callouts off (and keep forgetting to turn them back on, I actually enjoy most of the other characters.)
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User Info: Rjmalloch

4 years ago#16
I'll probably be one of the few to say zer0. Which is weird because Mordecai, basically the Zer0 equivalent in Borderlands 1, was the character who I had by far the most play time with. I just wasn't a fan of zero and his skill trees for whatever reason, and I just didn't really like his action skill all that much. Just didn't click with me. Next would definitely be Axton I think, I mean, I liked the soldier early on, but towards the end of the game he's just way too reliant on his action skill, especially if you've got the nuke. Next would be Sal, just couldn't get into it with him and his skill trees for whatever reason. Next would be Gaige, just don't like the anarchy stack idea all that much for some reason, I mean, its good, and her action skill was awesome. Favorite is definitely Maya, I really like the Siren gameplay in this, which again, funny because out of Borderlands 1, I'd probably rank Lilith third on my list.

User Info: xliner

4 years ago#17
Rjmalloch posted...
Mordecai, basically the Zer0 equivalent in Borderlands 1

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User Info: bmood989

4 years ago#18
Zero, I just can't into playing with him.

User Info: Entotrte

4 years ago#19
Why is so many people hating Zer0. ;_; And I don't have a least favourite yet, since I haven't played all of them.
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#20
Entotrte posted...
Why is so many people hating Zer0. ;_; And I don't have a least favourite yet, since I haven't played all of them.

likely becuase he is IMO the most difficult to use very well. he is a monster if you are good with him, but he can be a challenge to get a feel for. plus, but comparison to the other VHs, he is very squishy early on.

he my personal favorite, but i can see why some other might not like him as much. everyone has their own opinions and tastes.
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