What should be added to BL3?

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User Info: elconoM

5 years ago#31
monster capture balls in style of either Poke Ball or

Crystal Orb of Spirit Wrangling
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User Info: capnovan

5 years ago#32
6 player co-op
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User Info: Marsillio

5 years ago#33
A flat 10% droprate for legendaries. Killing Doc Mercy three hundred times and getting nothing is bull****.

No gamebreaking items or exploits. I'm looking at you Bee shield and Sham.

Amp shields: modest percentile damage boosts that are maintained so long as they are full.

More balance between gun manufacturers. Bandit firepower should be somewhere between Vladof and Jakobs (why the hell didn't they do this in the last patch?).

Gunsmiths. You hunt for weapon parts and guns can be broken down to get a single part from it of your choice. Would make looting much more enjoyable.

Areas that can only be traversed in a vehicle. Getting out equals death. Unique vehicle bosses in those areas.

Melee weapon equip slot; no more of that level scaling nonsense.

More in depth melee attacks. Ever play Condemned 2, Chronicles of Riddick, or even Dishonered?

Next siren's ability is transforming into an enemy. Stealth yo.

Next commando deploys little baby tanks.
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