LF DAHL Plasma Casters

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User Info: skgrey

5 years ago#12
heidegger37 posted...
I really want fire ones, but I'll take corrosive as well (must be lvl 50)

Can trade/dupe legendaries for them.


I have all of them, been really lucky with the e-techs.. I have two different corrosives, electric, slag, and fire. All level 50. Been farming an infinity pistol for three nights, really want that the most. Open to others as well.

User Info: innersmoke

5 years ago#13
Those Dahl PCs are some of my favorites!! You rarely miss a shot with the burst fire, unlike every other brand of PC..... Except those bandit casters, those things must have an accuracy of 100, hard to miss
GT- Innersmoke
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