Nomads look a bit like auron from FFX?

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  3. Nomads look a bit like auron from FFX?

User Info: RampageRalf

5 years ago#1
or is it just me?
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User Info: OMGhescrazy

5 years ago#2
I'd agree if they went on a diet and wielded bada** swords
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User Info: ICantNameGud

5 years ago#3
They remind me of Dib's dad from Invader ZIM. Actually they look exactly like the side-kicks to the crazy Ms. Bitters-type lady from the headlice episode.
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User Info: MC2011

5 years ago#4
There's a FFX!?
May God have mercy on your soul... - The Preacher
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User Info: Dferrin2

5 years ago#5
Now that you mention it- I see it. so it's not just you

User Info: BowserZero

5 years ago#6
"Gimme yur damn muney!"

I just had too.

I HAD too. It's all I hear from Nomads or,

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User Info: mst3kfan78

5 years ago#7
I've noticed that most of the mauraders with shields equipped look like Maurader Shields from ME3. I wonder if that was intentional?
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  3. Nomads look a bit like auron from FFX?

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