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Joeeetm 9 years ago#1
What seems to be everyone's fascination with her?

I just read the "sexiest character" topic and TC posted Tiny Tina as his vote. I hope TC and anyone else who agrees with him knows that Tiny Tina isn't even 14 years old yet :o

Are Tiny Tina lovers like that TC serious or are you guys just kidding? I'm totally serious lol

IMO, I think she's a great character but I find her to be a rather sad one as well.
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abel13111 9 years ago#2
I'm in agreement with you. She is, at least I find, a very funny character but after learning her back story I just felt slightly enraged.
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Smackdowner1 9 years ago#3
It's Pandora.

A year there is like 10 Earth years.

So Tiny Tina is really 130.
A_Hairy_Waffle 9 years ago#4
Maybe the TC was a teenager.

Or a pervert.

It's got to be one of them.
BlackZero999 9 years ago#5
I wouldn't say sexy, myself...but she's hands-down one of the most adorable characters I've seen in any form of media. She's absolutely, mindf***ingly INSANE, but she's cute.

I love her as a character because she -is- so crazy, and she's got quite the sense of humor.

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iAmTheTot 9 years ago#6
She's this game's love-it-or-hate-it character. There's very few that are indifferent, and they polar extremes (love it, or hate it) are very vocal.

I also love how people get so up-in-arms about calling a fictional character under the age of consent in real life sexy. She's fictional.
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KillfaceDingo 9 years ago#8
Also, why not just ask this in my thread instead of starting a new one?
MrFail 9 years ago#9
Did she get raped or something?

I've never done her quest line.
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