New Shift Codes live: KTKJT-Z3K5F-BR63X-K63T3-BBK66

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User Info: Digit4lc0py

5 years ago#31
Zarchonia posted.
Lol This guy. Yeah you caught me I'm lying about being level 50. Are you slow or something?

Anyway My gamertag is Zarchonia, you can go check my achievements. I'm level 50.

Also they aren't just "purple guns" they are always E-Tech guns which are much harder to come by in normal play than your standard purple weapons. Learn yo stuff.

Okay that's why I got 5 legendaries in three days, another 7 or 8 e-techs and more than 50 purples. That's less than 20 warrior kills and less than 10 Terra kills. Plus drops you get just playing around (not all the oranges came from major bosses) Saving keys until level 50 is a waste and you end up screwing yourself/character/the guns you get/random people on the forums etc. All the stuff that box gave me were gone in an hour at 50 rather than the 5 level I got out of opening at level 45. I bet earlier you could use them for 10 levels.

User Info: AStrawhatPirate

5 years ago#32
Hahaha with these gold keys I'm going to kick Jacks handsome ass! He wont know what hit him. I'll smack him so hard his grandparents will feel it. I'm gonna open this gold chest and be Unstoppable!! Nothing can hold me back now haha-- Expired??

User Info: Yami_Helios

5 years ago#33
Just missed it! D:

But it seems like that Duval dude puts them up every 6-8 hours or so.

User Info: Earth Djinn

Earth Djinn
5 years ago#34
Awesome, I got one. Thanks for posting.
I'd sell my Soul, my Self-Esteem a dollar at a time,
for one Chance, one Kiss, one Taste of you my Magdalena...
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