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User Info: ratsys

4 years ago#1
Looking for someone to do bomb happy achievement.


Okay with your multiplayer partner follow this method and the video.

1. Select Köpenick Launch Site make sure its on the simplest mode as well this will help a lot.
2. Go for C and B together and place them in the car.
3 Go for D and E together and place them in the car.
4. When going for A cover your partner while he gets the part.
5. When the final part is in wait a moment then press A by the car you should escape in time easily.

Video below showing this method in practice and remember if you want too you can time your shots to the explosions to make it slightly easier but it isn't really necessary.

Good luck this is an easy but grinding achievement to gain.

Got this guide off trueachievments, it should help a lot if you do not have a mic.

GT ratsys

I will keep this tread open as i have done about 5 bombing runs already, just needing 5 more but will help you finish your 10.

I am in Western Australia so please be aware of time differences, send me a friend request as well as a message so i know you are keen. will generally be online between 10am and 2pm AWST

Thanking you.

User Info: pfh1001

4 years ago#2
GT: Zugrian, time shouldn't be a problem-- I'm in the US but mostly play late nights.
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