Should I bother DL'ing the MP mode?

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User Info: DigitalFury_

5 years ago#1
Does anyone actually play? I don't wanna waste the time downloading the multiplayer if I'm never going to use it
I'd suggest fireballs to the head, repeatedly, until it stops moving - Telemachus Rasp

User Info: EDarien

5 years ago#2
It's not a huge population like CoD or even Halo is (despite its decline) but it's a REALLY fun multiplayer and I think that the modes themselves are awesome. Honestly, if any of your friends and family play games, I'd suggest to them to get it for the co-op modes. I was just on "adversarial" today and it was fun until the other team started cheating on the 2nd map.

It's fun and I definitely recommend it. Worse to worst, you can always delete it later, right?

edit: So sorry. I didn't realize I was on the PS3 board. Rather, I did, but forgot that I have it for XBOX. I can't speak to the PS3 community, sorry about that. But I still stand by my statement that the game modes themselves are very fun. Killy Tally is ok, but Overwatch is REALLY fun! I play with my old man when we get the chance. I moved out of state a few years back, but it's fun to play with him that way. I did get a chance at Bombing Run earlier, too. If the random I got stuck with would have realized it wasn't CoD we were playing, it could have gone better haha. But still fun stuff. But I could definitely see it better with RL friends. On the other hand, I plan on sending a message/friend request to a guy I met on there. He and I were equally annoyed by the cheating of the other team and talked a bit about it and how fun this game when played straight up.

Anyway, enjoy. Great game.
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User Info: happycat29

5 years ago#3
I'll try to get this in before the original Sniper Elite is best Sniper Elite and this game sucks crowd.

The MP is fun. It's a free download. Even if you do download it and use it once, it costs absolutely zero. Win-win IMO. Find a group of casual players to really enjoy it.
As far as playing online, yes, you will find your self eventually in a room with hacks or a load of d-bags. I generally add friends from here or another board who just want to trophy hunt or waste some time while having some fun. Nothing serious. But you will eventually get that one guy/gal who is just an ass about everything. And then they bring in more people like them.
Or you'll run into that guy. You know that guy. He just "owns" this game and everyone in his mind. And then he messes up and you squeeze off a beautiful headshot on him. He then sends EVERYONE on his team on a KOS mission to grief you. You spawn, they are waiting for you. 6 rifles trained on the exact spot they know you will spawn at. You have enough time to hit the button to go prone but you'll never make it. They do that over and over and over to you basically quit and find a new room. And God forbid you play spotter for your team (you don't really shoot but rather find a nice place to hide and use your binoculars to mark the other team wherever they are so your teammates can just flatten them).That's a sin in their eyes. And if you do manage to hide it out and take them out, they vote to kick you. Worse part is because of a lack of people playing online, you have to play with them because there is nobody else.
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User Info: NeoAkujiki

5 years ago#4
I play it, just got the game lovin it so far
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