Costumes Speculation

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User Info: dabbido

6 years ago#1
First off...what the heck? no topics for this game? :O are you kids "TOO BIG" for this? ;) this looks like a pretty fun co-op (or rather "screw with your friends") game. And one thing I love is the amount of costumes, so here is the official list (as far as I know)

Alice in Wonderland:
-Alice (classic)
-Alice (Tim Burton) (we see classic in the teaser and Tim burtons in the 2nd trailer, could it be that they will just keep the "modern" version? since the classic version isnt in the gallery)
-Mad Hatter
-Chesire Cat
-The White Rabbit
-Red Queen

Monsters Inc:
-Mike Wazowski
-Sushi Chef

The Lion King:
-Simba (cub)


-HAL (cockroach)

-Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
-Donald Duck
-Nemo (Finding Nemo)

thats 24 out of 40!


as far as my speculations I think we will see the whole Mickey Mouse crew, Boo from Monsters Inc. maybe in her monster disguise? Nala and Scar from The Lion King, Lilo (?) that would be a weird costume, but theres no Stitch without Lilo right? Dory, shark dude and maybe Gill from Nemo (there could be much more, Nemos dad would be the next option but he would look almost identical) and probably some characters from another pixar world like Toy Story.

User Info: StrmCentry

6 years ago#2
I've seen all those plus...


Quorra - Tron
Sam Flynn - Tron

These were on posters hanging up at E3.

User Info: dabbido

6 years ago#3
Ive heard that too, but never saw the posters so I didnt know. Dang seems like itll be missing a lot of franchises (since theyre giving so much characters to certain ones) I mean SUSHI CHEF? wtf even the Yeti was more of a "character" I hope we at least see Toy Story included. Wouldve loved to see much more series. but theres still DLC....for 360 / Ps3 owners at least =/ why cant the wii get some DLC love?
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