Dr. Doom initiating?

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User Info: Fake_Gustave

5 months ago#1
I've been messing with Doom a lot and I've noticed other characters have plenty of initiate options like attacks that slide forward to get a chain going. So far I haven't noticed any sort of Doom attack that gets in to start a chain from afar. Can anyone help me with this maybe?
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User Info: Dark_Phents

5 months ago#2
foot dive
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User Info: Timic83

5 months ago#3
foot dive

User Info: mightbedaGOAT

5 months ago#4
Butter gun, sj. Photon Shot -> addf j.M, box-dash j.M, tri-dash j.L, and, of course:

Dark_Phents posted...
foot dive
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