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User Info: MegamanRockX2

6 years ago#1
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


No Mega Man


Red Arremer, Strider Hiryu, Pheonix Wright, Frank West, and Ghost Rider


Mega Man fanboys whining

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Chris Redfield/Zero/Iron Man
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Pheonix Wright/Zero/Chris Redfield

User Info: Giratinalga

6 years ago#2
Megaman fan's whining is completely warranted, unlike the ones who wanted Pheonix Wright in.
PSN: julito427 (Hellsing) Currently playing: SSFIV AE, BB:CS2, Pokemon Black, MvC3
SSFIV: Oni, Cody, Yang

User Info: X_Colbert_X

6 years ago#3

Ghost Rider: Finally! This is great news!

Ghost Rider using Penance Stare hyper: Oh God, the awesome!

Dr. Strange: OH!

Rocket Raccoon: OH GOD!

Vergil AND Frank West: GAH!

Nemesis: shgjkhsdkfkabdfhsdlflk'dfoadf;sdjgbdsihoisdnfkdsbfisdoifbsdkjgbaldb!!11!1!11!!!

User Info: CyborgTwenty

6 years ago#4
Ghost Rider.

Dorctor Strange.



Frank West.

Phoenix Wright.


Preordering game immediatly.
I love how many gamers consider themselves financial analysts.

User Info: DaemonHellfury

6 years ago#5
Four words: Ghost. Rider. Is. In!

And Hawkeye to boot. Hell yeah, I'm hyped.

User Info: MaikeruRX-78

6 years ago#6
I wish they had waited longer to announce this. As it is, I really don't see myself buying it until it goes down in price. 100 bucks in 9 months for the same game twice? To hell with that.
Nen kara nenchuu tabi shi'te wa hontou no jibun wo sagasu no sa
Mou! Tatakai wa hajimeteiru. Ba bababa bababa baba barararara

User Info: cubegamer017

6 years ago#7
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: *Yeah, knew it was coming.*

Firebrand: :D!!

No Megaman: DX!!!

...After a while.


(Yay for Firebrand!)
(Tatsunoko vs Capcom) Rollplay: (Friend Code Pending)
(Marvel vs Capcom 3) PS3: TornadoSort (Amaterasu/Tron/Arthur)

User Info: Locomotor

6 years ago#8
My favourite characters are still in, so I'm buying it?
Cammy White for MvC3 DLC.

User Info: kevinmorales

6 years ago#9
Already pre ordered my copy. I'm happy with the roster especially Strider and Vergil.
The only character I'm not interested in is Rocket Raccon, mainly because there were more requested Marvel characters and instead they chose him. Just happy their aren't anymore Street Fighter or X-men, although wouldn't have mind Psylocke.

User Info: MagnetoWned

6 years ago#10
Absolutely AMAZING. I like everyone new maybe except Nova but I haven't seen him in action so it's fine! I'm pre ordering it as soon as I can
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