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User Info: TheSocialBunny

8 years ago#1
I had a lot of fun playing this game and since it might be a while until someome decides to write a full fledged FAQ, I wanted to post how to get a Skeletal Parrot & Mechanical Falcon as the game sometimes makes it unclear how to go about doing so. Hope those who don't already have them will enjoy their newly found avian abominations ^_^.

<Skeletal Parrot>
A Skeletal Parrot is made from two parts, a Necravian Vessel and a Parrot Skeleton that are in turn made from many smaller parts.

- Necravian Vessel: 1 Mysterious Metal Fragment, 2 Mana Stones, 3 Pottery Shards, 1 Mysterial Mortar
- Parrot Skeleton: 5 Tiny Bones + Mysterial Mortar

"Assembling" the parts in this case is all done by clicking on the items in your inventory when the required parts are ready and choosing to "Assemble", no Forge or Crafting Table required. Skeletal Parrots can retrieve high large amounts of simoles as well as Mysterious Metal Fragments. As a side note, making a Skeletal Parrot is what the “Faded Tablet” item attempts to describe, albeit vaguely.

As a side note, don't underestimate "Tiny Bones", they actually quite hard to get, Falcons can bring them back and you can dig them up on occasion. Pottery Shards can be gotten from both mapped and randomly buried treasure. Finally Mysterial Mortar is made from "Assembling" water from the well with Ancient Powder, also obtained from digging.

<Mechanical Falcon>
Harder to make than a Skeletal Parrot, this is best left up to a Wizard who can create all the parts themselves without relying on another profession’s aid. Similar to the Skeletal Parrot, you need two main parts, the Mechanical Bird Brain and Lifeless Mechanical Bird made of many other parts to make the Mechanical Falcon:

- Mechanical Bird Brain: 3 Crystalized Falcon Souls, 1 Raptonium
- Lifeless Mechanical Bird: 5 Raptonum

Crystalized Falcon Souls are made from 1 Dead Falcon that you can retrieve from your decidedly more alive Falcon when hunting, as well as 1 Manastone and a 1 Nightshade. Raptonium is a rare metal that Parrots can bring back on occasion. Unlike the Skeletal Parrot, it will take both use of a crafting table AND a forge to fully make the Mechanical Bird, hence why I recommend leaving it to a wizard.

After the two parts are complete, Assemble the two parts together just like with the Skeletal Parrot and enjoy your newly earled mechanical avian menace! - no seriously, this bird kills whales and unicorns on a regular basis (It sometimes even brings the horn back too!)

As a note, there is one more "hidden" bird that I know of. The Black Parrot which I usually obtain via the Mechanical Falcon hunting it for me. It's not as good as the Mechanical Falcon, but it makes me wonder if there is a Falcon equivalent since Parrots & Falcons are pretty much based on the same tier system. If anyone ever finds this "Mysterious Falcon" I would love to know (It should fill in the tier gap between the Blue Falcon and a Mechanical Falcon) ^_^.

User Info: Agrus_Zunich

8 years ago#2
Thanks a lot for this information. It really helps.

User Info: unknwndespralst

7 years ago#3
I've only been able to get the Amazon Parrot, Peregrine Falcon, and build the Mechanical Falcon. How do I get the Blue Falcon or any of the other birds?

User Info: TheSocialBunny

7 years ago#4
For the Blue Falcon, the Nobles must have a high rating on the War Gauge (At least on the second notch of the meter going their way), then it should appear in the Village Shoppe. Alternatively, if the Pirates are winning in equal measures, you will see a White Cockatoo for sale. The other birds in between become available eventually as the war goes on, but those two are exclusive to what side you pick between Pirates and Nobles. There is also a rare Black Parrot, but before that, here's the list of all the birds I know of in the game:

1 - Amazon Parrot
2 - Sunset MaCaw
3 - Spix MaCaw
4 - White Cockatoo
5 - Black Parrot*
6 - Skeletal Parrot

1 - Perrigine Falcon
2 - Red Tailed Hawk
3 - Gyrfalcon
4 - Blue Falcon
5 - ???
6 - Mechanical Falcon

Logically, there should be an equivalent of the Black Parrot on the Falcon side of things, but I have yet to find it. The Black Parrot is a rare find that can be brought back randomly by the higher tier Parrots, although I've personally only been able to obtain them via the Skeletal Parrot. They appear to be of lesser tier than the Skeletan Parrot though.
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