Granny Rags vs Slackjaw clean hands [spoilers]

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User Info: OtakuJuanma

6 months ago#1
I'm trying to go for a clean hands run. I already messed up the ghost one early on before I learned that was a thing.
I atempted to stop time and steal Granny's key, only for her to turn around to face me and poof, which I saw in some guides means she'll return to fight me later, a fight I can't escape from or KO her nonlethaly (much like the torturer in Dunwal tower). But if I help her for the key it means I must kill Slackjaw.
I also saw a post here that says if I sleep-dart any of them they'll count as a kill for some reason (I understand Slakjaw gets killed by granny herself or just left for dead in shackles, thus starving to death).

So the question is, what's the clean halds exit for this?

User Info: LordTrinen

5 months ago#2
The very best option is to never interact with Granny Rags throughout the whole game. That means ignore her during the High Overseer mission. This encounter between her and Slackjaw in the sewer won't happen.

If you are past this part, just hit destroy her cameo and hit her with a sleep dart. That glitch you mentioned was supposed to be patched. Play the rest of the game and see.
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  3. Granny Rags vs Slackjaw clean hands [spoilers]

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