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  3. how does the exp calculation work?!

User Info: mitlaeufer

8 years ago#1
So i was trying to get a full crit run on the seymore fight stage (expert, not ultimate) and got >5k exp.
Usualy i get 1,5k per run, after i played the same stage on expert again it was 1,5k again.
My guess is the fact, that i improved greatly. My first run had barely any crits, my second was always 90% crits, so is this the reason?

how on earth does it work? I was wondering how it works anyway, not only on battle stages. Is it just how well you manage a song? Or how much monster you kill on battle stages?

User Info: Mikey_R

8 years ago#2
In battle stages, the enemy you beat relates to your exp. If you killed a mimic pot, that would explain the massive exp increase.

As for the other stages (EMS and FMS) I suspect it's just got to do with how well you done, although I really have no idea.

User Info: Forumchibi

8 years ago#3
The amount of experience is calculated from the difficulty level as well as the number of monsters you kill. Depending on your levels and your groups, you will need to find a good balance, as if you jump into a high level song but can't even kill the first guy you get nothing, and conversely slaying 12 guys in the lowest difficulty is also probably not so great.

And yes, a Mimic Pot will either give a large amount of experience, or just quadruple the amount you earn from killing everything else, I'm not sure which.

User Info: mitlaeufer

8 years ago#4
Hmm, makes sense now.
I dont really pay attention on the mobs, but that should be it.

Thanks guys.
Theathrythm is really sometimes a pretty obscure game in some points like exp calculation or how strong the mobs are.

User Info: IAmNotNormal

8 years ago#5
Maybe it just seems this way, but I think if you put a low level person in with a bunch of higher ups, he/she doesn't get as much xp. So take that into account, if it's true.
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  3. how does the exp calculation work?!
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