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User Info: IllegalSplicer

8 years ago#11
I just beat LIMBO a minute ago. I loved the game. The factory was annoying at first, but the gravity switching parts near the end were very fun and clever. As far as the ending goes, I guess it's just open to interpretation. I would have enjoyed a little bit more of an ending, but oh well.

User Info: MiIkMan

8 years ago#12
From: JeffreyRaze | Posted: 6/7/2012 3:35:22 PM | #008
I just finished the game, and honestly it feels like the people making it forgot what they were going for halfway in. When I was alone in the forest, hunted and alone it was amazing. I really wanted to know why these people were running from me and trying to kill me. And it was horrifying at times, with using someone's corpse being necessary to solve a puzzle. Then you enter the factory, and it becomes... Well then. It feels less like a game about atmosphere, and more like a game about weird gravity puzzles. It just lost all of its charm when you leave the forest behind.

I agree with this. The first half of the game and the second half feel like completely different games. The forest was really awesome and I had a lot of fun with it. The factory was slow, tedious, repetitive and frustrating. Some of the factory puzzles were clever, but there were a few cheap ones, and the perfect timing elements just seemed bad and out of place in this game.

As for the story, there wasn't one. My understanding is you're trying to rescue your sister but the only reason I know that is because I read it somewhere that I cannot remember. The story is non existent.

Visuals are stunning. I love the look of this game and the audio is excellent too.

Overall, awesome first half, terrible second half.
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User Info: ChemicalSiN

8 years ago#13
i expected it to be better, considering the reviews

User Info: Keivz_basic

8 years ago#14
Agreed. 7.5/10 for me. Not worth $10 for sure. I paid $2.50 which is about what I thought it was worth.
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