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User Info: Kirby202

2 months ago#1
Alright, since most stuff you look up for grinding doesn't show anything other than farm more when it comes to raising skills I figured I'd try to compile a list of good ways to grind up skills outside of planting fields of pineapples.

You'll want to wear a heart pendant, or an accessory with its effect when grinding to boost the exp gained. Fluffy/handmade scarves also help with reducing RP costs, but you can easily replenish RP by bathing/eating/harvesting rune flowers or crystals. If materials you need aren't being sold at the shops you can save and soft-reset to rotate stock or change the random quests from Eliza.

As a bit of an aside, you won't be able to learn recipes for certain weapons or tools until the corresponding skill to said equipment has been raised to a sufficient level. Eg, a fishing pole recipe may not be learned if you have little to no fishing skill level on top of the proper forging level.

For farming: Plant lots of stuff, make sure you keep the growth speed up with fertilizers and health up with withered grass/cord/clover.

For fishing: Throw a piece of ore or grass into water and repeatedly fish it out.

For mining: Mine up as much ore and material stone as you can, you can find a fair bit of material stone in winter field, and ore is dotted everywhere, you can also get better materials for future crafting if you have a high skill/hammer type.

For logging: Treat it like mining, there are a couple of places which spawn a fair bit of wood such as the tree to the west of Obsidian Mansion, and Autumn Field, but you can find wood scattered pretty much everywhere.

For crafting: Get a bunch of iron and craft it into small shields, then upgrade the shields with turnip seeds/scrap metal/other junk. Upgrading provides fixed exp gains so it will always provide a good bit of exp.

For forging: It works very similarly to crafting, the only major difference is you'll want to craft a tool/weapon instead of the shield.

For medicine/chemistry/cooking: You'll have to level this the hard way, the best way to do it is to find easy recipes which are within five levels of your skill and spam them to reach the next easy recipe. This is much easier for cooking, but as long as you ship at least one of every flower/crop you can purchase the materials to grind these fairly quickly.

For weapon skills: You can easily grind up most weapons by hitting the shaking wooly in the Obsidian Mansion. These can take a while, but it's the best way if you don't want to actively use them in real battles.

For eating: Just eat something, it can be nearly anything. Buy lots of ingredients and go to town.

For bartering: Just throw some goods into the basket that you want to sell and start haggling. The early morning is when villagers typically go to the plaza, and I've been told that elephant-type enemies can suck characters towards you to make it faster. You also can save and soft-reset to get another purchase attempt from villagers each time.

For resistance skills: You'll either want to inflict these on an enemy or yourself. You can upgrade a weapon with these ailments or you can drink an object X before bed each night. Faint is harder to get on your weapon, because it is found on lategame items such as golden veggies and siren's bottles.

For sleeping: You can just make sure to get to bed before 1 AM. Grinding, you might want to make sure you're not growing anything, and have plenty of fodder for your monsters and simply sleep over and over.

For taming: Tame a fair few monsters and give them items/groom them every day. The more monsters you have the faster it will rise.

For magic: Just use it over and over. This is the fastest way to raise your elemental magic/res.

For leadership: Have either villagers or monsters in your party at all times.

For searching: You can easily raise this by finding a mushroom spot and grabbing it, leave the screen and come back to said spot. Mushroom spawning searchable items are the fastest, and you might be able to find the extremely rare/valuable monarch mushroom if you're lucky. (the type of mushroom is fixed for the day)

For throwing: If you're at the very beginning of the game where time is frozen you can just pick up and throw a stick/rock/weeds over and over, otherwise you can still do it but you will have time pass when you do so, and have the added potential benefit of the heart pendant.

For walking: Simply walk, you'll get the skill increases slowly with this one regardless what you try.

If you are unable to grind quickly then indeed, mass farming pineapples for runeys/skill ups while keeping the fields healthy is the fastest, but you have no control over what skills rise. You do need to have some skill exp to have the ability to raise a skill this way. If it isn't showing in your skills menu you won't be able to raise it with orbs. This is particularly difficult with faint, as most monsters don't use it, and it's rare to find in weapons/upgrade mats.

If there's anything I missed or that you want to add just post below.
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User Info: Touya999

2 months ago#2
Thanks for reading. (o_o)/

User Info: Fenith

2 months ago#3
Great list! This will be very helpful for someone starting out. I've been playing this since the month it came out for US in 2013, so I figured a lot of this out myself, although I didn't know you can save and soft reset to get another purchase attempt from the villagers. I'll have to check that out. I noticed that bartering also goes up a little when you sell items via the shipping box.

I have done the elephant trick to suck villagers in my direction, although I've found a more practical method. First, have someone in your party while you're in your shop, then dismiss them, talking to them as they leave your room (stay in your shop the whole time). Make sure you invite them to join your party after you're done haggling with them, so you can do it again. Leave the shop and reenter it, then repeat. I've use this method to rob Jones of literally millions of gold in one day (by selling dozens of lvl. 10 golden juice to him) to make up for all that he took from me and much more. XD

Also, this might sound silly, but instead of the shaking wooly in Obsidian Mansion, you can also hit your bed to grind your weapon skills. I've found it to be a lot easier since it's a larger target and accessible from the very start of the game. In addition, it's right in your own home, so no travel required!
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