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User Info: Cooler110033

2 months ago#1
Some items, like the Melody Bottle, can be forged into a weapon (when creating it), and then used again as an upgrade item to gain double its effect. It doesn't suffer a diminishing return

But then I tested other items, like the Racoon Leaf, and it doesn't work

I want to know if the Great 4-Leaf Clover or the Rare Can can be "doubled" like this, because I've been doubling great 4-leaf clovers on all of my weapons and tools and I want to know if I should start doubling Rare Cans too
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: Bauermeister

2 months ago#2
4 leaf clover only needs to be used once, the game checks if you have one on *any* of your equipment and that's it.

User Info: Metastase

1 month ago#3
Nobody knows if Rare Can does anything at all. We have confirmed it does NOT increase drop chances from defeating monsters. My guess is that, if it does anything at all, it is related to Fish/Mining Nodes/Chests and possibly their item LVLs.

Only 1 clover is required to get the effect in whatever equipment, HOWEVER if your other party members also have Clover then you get half of its effect per member too. And I don't remember anymore but I don't think there was any difference between a regular clover and a giant one.

As for the Racoon Leaf, I think it works just fine? It's just hard to notice because its effect seems to be weaker than Glitta Augite.
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  3. Forging and then upgrading with the same material
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