MEGA Misadventures of PorcoLOVE on Hard Mode Lv.1

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User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#21
Summer Days 25~27: I had totally forgotten what a beautiful mess the Sechs Empire maps are. This is a place where one definiely wants Water absorption since the Mages will quickly wreck you with water lasers. That said, being the stubborn being I am, of course I didn't bother.

Not much going on for now. Since my go-to Parallel Laser is bad here, I kept using Dark Ball instead. I explored as much of the place as I could, then went to face the boss: Aquameleon. I thought it would be more of a challenge but just like what happened with Terraclone, I didn't even get to see his attack patterns too much. The fight was pretty much me doing Millionstrike on the predicted "future path" of him circling around the arena, which completely destroyed him in no time since I'm using the Aerial Blade.

Other than that, I'm also mining for Diamonds here since it seems to be my best bet to increase Crafting LVLs for now.

With the Floating Fortress unlocked, I immediately got a few Platinum pieces. I sequence breaked through some pushing wind segments (via Axel Disaster) and got a Platinum Shield from a Silver Chest (nice upgrade compared to my old Chaos Shield) although my old shield is still better due to the Elemental RES it's upgraded with.

New Skills thus far: Straight Punch, Tornado Swing.

I'm really tempted to go ahead and try to speedrun the end of arc 2 even though I know it's a bad idea. That said, since I already have a set of cheap Wind Res equipment made to face Grimoire 2, it might carry me through those Lightning spamming birds.

I'm also eagerly waiting for Autunm 1st to come around so I can finally get me some Dungeon Seeds.

User Info: RazorDoomX

6 months ago#22
Lol this is intriguing. I know i've played using porco back then but never thought about playing as him with level capped. Keep it up, Metastase!
Wield the sword!

User Info: Metastase

5 months ago#23
I'm not having too much free time lately but I'll see what I can do.

User Info: Feintheeb

5 months ago#24
I must agree with RazorDoomX! I was looking for some tips on the game and was pleasantly surprised to see this topic pop up! (the game was made in 2012 so I wasn't sure anyone would be active)

I registered for the sole purpose of responding to this WONDERFUL topic!

Take your time on getting through with it Metastase! it's only fun to read if you've had fun playing it!

I <3 Porcoline

User Info: Areeta9

5 months ago#25
This is really a great read. Your determination is astounding!

Reading this makes me feel like a total noob. I've been playing through the game on easy mode with a strategy that could be summed up as "hit it until it dies and if you get killed come back in a season with higher levels."

It's only recently that I came across a boss that had me have to replay it more than four times and that was A giant chameleon that was guarding Rune Prana. It kept on hitting me with an energy ball attack that you couldn't get away from once it hit you and kept on disappearing and teleporting once it got into rage mode

After how many tries you had to do to succeed I would have rage quit.

User Info: Areeta9

5 months ago#26
Also, where's the Death Mushroom? I need to get me some of them Holy Spores

User Info: Metastase

5 months ago#27
Death Fungus location:
Warp to Cuckladoodle nest (spelling?), get out of the cave, go east X2. Only there on Fridays.

Although it may seem like my determination is astounding, I dont think it's the case at all here. For 2 reasons:

1-) I mean, even if you take the most absurd of all retries in this run thus far (Grimoire 2), ultimately I was only doing it precisely because I was having fun 1st and foremost. On this particular case I was just sequence breaking, I didn't have to do it at all to make progress. When I thought my fun trying to beat him without Wind Elemental protection was over, I quickly made some cheap equipment to absorb the element and got right back into the fun gameplay pronto.

2-) "Reading this makes me feel like a total noob. I've been playing through the game on easy mode with a strategy that could be summed up as hit it until it dies and if you get killed come back in a season with higher levels."

Y'see, this is 1 of the reasons I'm writing about this run here for posterity. I believe this game has some incredibly genius game design decisions (that are STILL light years ahead of the industry) that almost no one was capable of seeing through precisely because the game was also crafted for accessibility, in way that enables casual players to breeze through the game but at the same time fading all the intricate and interesting player decisions into obscurity in the process.

Ultimately, I think this is the main reason why this game wasn't a HUGE financial success even though it had the potential to be (leading the dev company to bankruptcy). If the game's default setting completely obfuscates the genius design then what is left? Yes, an entertaining but ultimately just another generic, forgettable gameplay experience such as "hit it until it dies and if you get killed come back later with higher levels" found in any other game out there.

While I understand this is exactly what the majority of the audience wants (the majority being casual gamers), it's ultimately a trap for the devs: no game will ever get any awards for being generic and accessible but they will most definitely be a short lived trend at best, quickly replaced by the next flashy new product on the market.

While the Rune Factory series IS dead, the genius design lessons herein are not. Except no one is paying attention (for the reasons mentioned above, I can't blame them), they're probably too busy with the infinitely inferior Stardew Valley instead.

At the end of this playthrough I'll write a conclusion from a game's design POV. This way, there will always be at least 1 piece of useful analysis left and design lessons learned that can be pointed to even if the series is dead.

User Info: Metastase

5 months ago#28
If this thread dies before I have the time to update it I'll make a version too and link here.
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