MEGA Misadventures of PorcoLOVE on Hard Mode Lv.1

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User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#1
Welcome to your destiny!

After changing my sprite to Porcoline and activating NO EXP and Hard mode:

- Bought a Spear and did a beeline to the 1st boss, Ambrosia. BAD IDEA. I used to be able to win but apparently I'm getting older and my reflexes are not the same anymore. After around 10 losses I've decided to attempt again on the next in-game day.

- Day 2: learned Spear Dash and Charge atks on my way to Ambrosia. After a dozen failures:

Flawless positioning to lure her for the corners in order to give me enough space to avoid her huge multi-hit insta-death AoE waves. Frame perfect dashes in-between her bullet-hell butterfly special. Finally had the proper patience when executing the multi-thrust Spear Charge without being too greedy and dying like always. After she entered rage mode, played safe with spear dash close-in + GTFO ASAP tactics. I was almost losing my focus when she finally died. That was intense. Victory! Didn't suffer a single hit!

The highlight was a nigh impossible vertical up>down>up Dash chain right in the middle of her butterfly bullet-hell at the end of the battle. I have no idea if I was just extremely focused or got lucky there. Probably both.

- Day 3~5: lucky random Silver Chest out of nowhere! Got a Vest and Iron Shield for a huge DEF upgrade. Put it to test against Ambrosia and I can survive 1 hit so farming her for Prince Points became much easier. Managed to get enough points to unlock the Cooking Contest before day 6 arrived.

- Day 6: Bamboo Sprout I was saving from day 1 + Rice + a mix of herbs Lv.8 + Lv.8 + Lv.7 = managed to actually get 1st place in the contest after a few tries.

- Day 7~9: Another Prince Point race to unlock the Bean Toss festival before day 10, made easier with the punching gloves I got from Volkanon. And another Silver Chest! Zweihaender GET! Absolutely fantastic for regular mobs but unfortunately too slow against Ambrosia. Should come in handy very soon as I'm about to get enough cash, lumber and stones to get me a Forge and a Crafting station.

User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#2
- Day 10: Bean-Toss Festival: the Bullet-Hel 2.0. On the 5th try, 1st place with 14060 points. I finally have a break from rushing in order to unlock festivals after these 2 back to back ones, the next is only for Spring 18.

Preparations for the Water Ruins. Since I don't have to burn all my Prince Points to unlock a festival, I've finally managed to upgrade my Backpack to 45 slots. Got enough Lumber and cash to get a Forge, Crafting Table and Chemistry Set. Burned all my Iron Ores making Broadswords and Small Shields to sell, quickly got Forging and Craftng to Lv.10. Got lucky while mining too: invisible Stone GET!

And I have a secret plan just in case you know who in Water Ruins crushes me. I've got Mixed Herbs as a reward for completing a random quest. If things go sour, I can use Chemistry to make an Object-X wich reverses the bonus of an upgrade. Mixed herbs gives -30% Wind DEF.

Also, got a piece of Bronze out of nowhere. Yay for sequence break (although I'll just sell this 1st piece so Raven can start selling it). Because of this, I've managed to learn the recipe for the next Water Can and Axe (requires Bronze) which will definitely speed things up a lot.

- Day 11: Water Ruins. Zweihaender FTW. I can deflect arrows and kill stuff at the same time with the greatsword mini AoE. However, Tortoises have way too much DEF and without a proper Staff my Fireballs suck. So I went straight for the Lv.6 ROD (already comes with 3 lvls of fire spell charge atks).

The dungeon was brutal. Any multi-hit atk here kills me (Tortoise's spin, Water Lasers). I couldn't grab the optional Chest that traps you against 4 Minotaurs. It's impossible to dodge them all in such a small space. But I've managed to get to the boss:

THUNDERBOLT: This is it, Dark Souls all over again. He eats children for breakfast. Greatsword is obviously too slow against him. My ROD did only 15 DMG (meaning he would take 0 after rage mode). So the only way I can fight here is via Rod charged atks. My reflexes are coming back to me and it's time to test it.

Man, he is hardcore. My 1st few attempts made me feel like a grandma. His chain of dash attacks is too much. If you keep spamming dash, he always hits you. The only way to avoid it is to time it perfectly and there is no "tell", you have to know the timing by heart.

If I take any hit, it becomes a struggle to find a window to heal. He is relentless. I usually have to get near him in an attempt to lure a close range attack in order to create the opportunity to heal.

And then there is the dreaded lightning special. During his 1st phase it's not so bad: about 5 lines of straight lightning bolts that leave his back exposed, a good chance to get near him and blast a Rod Charge Lv.3 getting all 3 hits in.

Enter rage mode. OMFG he becomes FAST. But the worst part is, of course, the uber lightning special: now it becomes a friggin' full screen atk with straight lightning bolts in all directions. I'm not even sure it's humanly possible to dodge this consciously every time. The only safe space is in-between the bolts from a far away distance (which increases the gap between any given 2 lines). If he casts this at the center of the screen it's pretty much GG. Soooooo many deaths here.

To make matters worse, the fight takes so much time that day 12 starts mid-battle. Since I didn't sleep I get inflicted with Fatigue status. No RP = no Rod Charges = impossible to win. At this point I was considering calling it quits > use Object-X + Mixed Herbs to increase my DEF against his impossible full screen atk then trying again on the next day. But with each attempt I was doing a bit better, so...

User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#3
Attempt 21: My positioning was solid and fluid. Managed to capitalize on his small opening by closing in and making sure he got hit by Fire Rod Charge 2~3 times every time and quickly got out of the way. Still having too much trouble dashing away from his own dash atk chains. Since I knew he was getting close to rage mode AND day 12 was about to start, I've made a point to top my RP before he became too fast and I was inflicted with Fatigue.

Rage mode. Not gonna lie, I was sweating like pig, hands shaking. He goes to the center of the screen to cast his instantaneous uber full screen lightning. I delay just a tiny bit and miraculously succeed in dashing into a pixel perfect safe spot.

By the 3rd time he used this atk, I couldn't dash perfectly and got hit. Usually this means insta-death but my dash was still good for a milisecond there, enough to make me survive with pretty much no HP. At this point I was scraping for food. Only junk in my bag, like random herbs that didn't heal s***.

I did manage to heal after luring fllashkicks AND dodged the next full screen BS. Soon afterwards he went down.

Phase 3: super rage mode? Yeah, right. The only boss in the game that fakes his death and comes back again, even faster. And he brings a new BS: the infinite chain of dashing attacks. He has no openings whatsoever. Basically, you have to dodge perfectly ad nauseum, without a Tell, until he does something else. And that somethig else is usually the full screen lightning BS.

Regular human reflexes may not apply. It didn't take too long for me to go back to almost 0 HP again. He went to the corner of the screen to cast his lightning BS and I took a bold chance to heal, counting that I would be capable of staying in a safe spot without the ability to dash due to the distance between us. It worked! No healing items left and almost running out of RP to cast charged fire atks.

Once in a blue moon he would break from his dash chain/lightning BS and try to flashkick. That was the only window to attack and only if I had enough distance between us (due to his increased speed). Basically, I (as a player) had to activate the 7th sense just to keep up with the absurdity (anyone got the reference? lol).

But then he got me with 1 of his dash atks. The timing is just too tricky. I SURVIVED WITH 1 HP LEFT. He flashkicks, I nail him with all 3 hits of the charge atk and the legendary horse Thunderbolt goes down for good this time!

Holy f***ing s***. This fight was ridiculous, so much fun and so frustrating at the same time! I can't believe I actually won without pumping my Wind DEF. EPIC.

User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#4
- Day 12~14: Got the Bronze versions of the Hoe, Watercan and Fishing Pole. A few new recipes to work with so I started experimenting with the Basket (staff). Final result:

Basket Lv.2: M.ATK+16, ATK+7, M.DEF+1, VIT+20, INT+2, Crit+25%, Slp Atk 10%. Most importantly, Charge 1: Ambrosia's"cloud" (inflicts sleep), Charge 2: Ambrosia's circular waves (steals HP), Charge 3: Birds wind atk that pushes people around and does no damage (Bird's Feather), HOWEVER it makes Charges 1 & 2 EXREMELY FAST.

Also made a Charm with M.ATK+14 and ATK+14; plus a Headband with the same bonuses. And Piyo Sandals.

Other than that, just farming Prince Points, cash and materials.

- Day 15: Fishing Frenzy Festival: that's why I upgraded my Pole. 1st 3 tries were disastrous. Got my groove going on on te 4th, got 18 fish on the 5th try and took 1st place in this festival too!

And I've finally unlocked the recipe for Porcoline's assinature weapon: Sweet Potato Staff! If you're wondering WHY this is THE weapon for Porcoline, just use its charge attacks...

And I can actually make the weapon thx to a random quest reward that gave me a sweet potato. LOL

- Day 16~17: Unlocked the festival for day 19. Got new cooking utensils: Knife and Oven. New skills: Reaper Slash, Flash Strike and Gust, all Lv.1. Got a Shade Stone. And while getting a few quests out of the way, lo and behold this reward:


OMFG. Here it is. The thing that always happens to me. Every single playthrough of this game, at some random point during the early game, something UBER comes my way that usually breaks a good portion of the game. I think this is it guys.

- Day 18: Obsidian Mansion: Ghosts are nasty on Hard Mode. Savage dual dashes = instant death. SCREW them I say! Spiders are also really annoying if they trap you. SCREW them! And then there are those...SCREW~ED.

So yeah. Anything touches me, I die. I screw anyone, they die. Fair enough. After a few random deaths, it was time to face...

Marionetta: 3rd attempt: All I had to do was to be patient after she rage modes. To wait for her dark laser instead of attacking, then a couple more SCREWs and she was done. I didn't even try hard man, I was playing like a lazy bum. Then again, what should we expect when I go from doing 50 DMG to 800? lol

User Info: RoloL

6 months ago#5
Keep this up, it's very interesting
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User Info: Pandaren Emperor

Pandaren Emperor
6 months ago#6
please have the laddle thing as his weapon, it's so fitting
Warden: A little hostile, are we?
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User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#7
That's true, but it's impossible to resist the combination of Porcoline + Sweet Potato Staff charged atk. lol

The rest of Day 18: Did Dolce's quest for the Heart Pendant and after checking with Barret, something AMAZING happened: it was made with some unusual materials: Disastrous Dish and...HAND-KNIT SCARF! OMFG, this is gonna be a HUGE help considering I can't LVL up my character so every little bit of help in crafting means a lot.

And it's for things like this that I say this game's loot sysem leaves nothing o be desired even compared to the likes of Diablo 2.

Before advancing into the Idra Caves, there is something I wanted to try: can I break into Leon Karnak?

After MANY tries I ended up getting some Double Steels (which I can't use, but still), a Defender from a wooden box, 2 Silver Chests filled with interesting equipment.

Then, attempt 43 in the small room with 4 axe throwers (that unlocks a switch): Managed to enter the room without immediately dying. That should help. After dash dodging for a bit, I sucessfully unleashed my staff charge Lv.1 (Ambrosia) that put 3 of those axe throwers to sleep, making dodging manageable.

4 Failed dishes > 1st enemy down. Almost died when 2 of them woke up at the same time but I could quickly put 1 to sleep again. This method was repeated until I finally took the last one and could press the switch.

On the previous room, it took forever but I've managed to take out the Gate using a Polearm with 7% critical rate, then cleared the room the same way as the other which is much easier do to here with more space and only melee enemies.

And with this I got myself the Lamellar Vest from the fixed chest for a total of 310 DEF!

Day 19: De-Fluffing Festival: probably the easiest one to get 1st place in. Dualies FTW.

I've tested Thunderbolt's Lightning Mane to see if it's viable but it consumes too much RP.

I don't know if I should push further into Leon Karnak.

User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#8
Correction: should've been Yokmir Cave above instead of Idra Cave. lol

Days 20~23: Pretty much collecting a lot of lumber and material stone and getting some quests done. A TON of stuff was unlocked in the Order Symbol so I got: the next festival (summer 11); 4 ability/spell slots, Ore Merchant, Cloth Shop, Furniture shop upgrade for Blossom's place (plus Pajamas, Swimsuit and Midnight Wings as usual), more space for the Shipping Box (I needed it sooooo bad).

Got some surprising drops: small crystal and big crystal. Not that I can do anything with them yet, but still.

Enough screwing around:

Day 24: Yokmir Cave: HORNETS. And I never carry para-gones around. This was specially deadly with those plant enemies (Leaf Ball) throwing insta-death wind spells around. DASH SLASH helped a LOT and it will be my main method of movement from now on until I get Axel Disaster/Cyclone or something.

New skills: Sonic Wind (spell) and Dash Slash (1h sword) acquired! A random chest gave me Veggieblade (way to go Porcoline!) and DRAGON BONES. YEEESSSSSS! Do I have even close to enough RP to put it in any Staff? NOOOOOOO! lol

The Tree Boss was a fun but easy fight. It was just dodging Apples with Dash and casting Screw Rock.

On day 24, I've attempted to fight DEATH FUNGUS. I found the Fungus and most definitely found my death. Maybe later, heh?

Day 25: Got the Monster Barn, tamed a Cluckadoodle and a Buffamoo.

Important quest reward: SILVER. Placed it in the shipping bin immediately (this is why I've unlocked the Jewelry/Ore Merchant - screw Raven).

I went to Water Ruins to face CHIMERA: Actually took 2 tries lol. I got stuck on a wall while dashing and had an insta-death to his breath atk. All I did on the 2nd try was to stay away from him and Screw Rock while he was busy shooting stuff in some other direction.

So far so good, Screw Rock Lv.4 is carrying me around real good thus far. 2nd Rune Sphere recovered!

At the end of the day, I've ordered SUMMON TYPHOON.

Day 26: The bridge to the Autumn Road is now open. Before the storm could destroy my field, I've harvested my 1s batch of Yam. I really don't care about the rest of the field though.

In Autumn Road I went straight to the path down blocked by trees. No thunder during the typhoon for now. I was fooling around while waiting for lightning and what do you know? Hey, Silver Chest: Upper Cut Lv.3! Hell yeah! Also took the opportunity to grab Dark Ball Lv.2 and Kote (gloves).

And finally the thunderous noise starts! I rushed to the blocked trees and the secretpath was unclocked! Man, the next screen was hard. By now you guys should be used to me saying anything touches me = I die, but this screen is filled with those seed spewing plants and Palm Cats. It took a few retries but I eventually Screw Rocked my way through (note: it's taking 3~4 spell hits to kill stuff now).

With the enemies cleared, my rewards: Parallel Laser Lv.2, Ruby Ring, Eggplant Seeds, Carrot Seeds, Chaos Shield and NAIVE BLADE Lv.1.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is the reason why I could care less about what happened to my field after I summoned the Typhoon on purpose.

Ruby Ring is a godsend as I'm about to enter Delirium Lava Ruins. Chaos Shield is a beefy upgrade compared to my well crafted and upgraded but humble Small Shield. But the star of the show here is...

NAIVE BLADE: "Anticipate your enemy's attacks and quickly strike back"

And it works against unusual stuff too. Y'know when nemies turn the screen into a bullet-hell with those wind scythes? That's right baby, MEGA COUNTER!

User Info: Metastase

6 months ago#9
Since it's clear my Screw Rock Lv.4 will lose its effectiveness soon I thought it might be a good idea to experiment. Specifically, with common items that change Staff Charges:

Dark Crystal: Charge Lv1, 2 & 3: each LVL makes a dark ball appear at different ranges starting close (Lv1) up to far (LV3) and also increasing in size. Notably, it also absorbs HP.

Stick: Charge Lv3 = rolling barrel (low DMG, possibly physical?)

Bird's Feather: Lv3 = pushing wind, no DMG. HOWEVER it makes all 3 charges become very fast!

Spider's Thread: Lv3 = sticky web that traps 1 enemy. I think it works on Bosses.

Arrowhead: Lv1, 2 & 3: 1, 2 & 3 arrows respectively. All charges become fast but this property is useless here since the item changes all 3 charges simultaneously.

Fairy Dust: Lv3 = Ambrosia's Lv1, a bunch of smoke clouds surrounding the user that inflict sleep.

Gunpowder: Lv2 & 3: 2 is just a flame in front of the user, hits multiple times if enemy stands still. 3 sends 4 rotating flames around the screen, it's very strong if it hits multiple times but it's hrd to target stuff.

Panther Claw: Lv3 becomes a claw atk in front/mid range. If you keep pressing the button I think it does more hits (or the enemy must stand still, or both, I dunno). I highly suspect it deals physical DMG based on ATK, not M.ATK.

Plant Stem: Lv3 = 2 seed bullets that seem to pierce everything.

User Info: xkratesx

6 months ago#10
Interesting to read your No EXP challenge, i recently restarted myself after over a year of not playing and its still as easy to break as i remember it.

Started on hard and my monsters pretty much carry me since they also get the difficulty boost (finished all the winter / sechs territory before finishing Act 1 and was farming Leon Karnak right after Act 1 and was about level 130 before i even got to the spring area)

Its pretty fun when you deal about 30 damage and Ambrosia does her AoE for 800+ per hit
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