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User Info: dragoncodi

4 years ago#71
I just wish the crafting stations were non destroyable & would have preferred they be in set locations so that I wouldnt have to worry about attacking them by mistake.

User Info: ferofax

2 years ago#72
Quick Q:

Can I make my Brush have the Clipper effect, or have my Clipper have the Brush effect? Be nice to need only one tool for brushing and clipping Woolies.
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2 years ago#73
Okay so to see if I understand what your meaning about adding items to make them have a added slot and adding multiple assesscories effects I used a charm will making a bronze bracelt, not using it will upgrading but crafting the item as a whole and went to Barret and was confirmed that the charm was used while making the item does that mean I have the effect of the charm but with the stats of the Bronze?

User Info: PS2Gamer

1 year ago#74
Cool. Thanks
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User Info: Rositchi

1 year ago#75
If It hasn't been stated anywhere, the Tier 5 Bonus for accessories is 350 Def and 350 Mdef. Tested with 3 different shields (the crafting lvl 2, lowest tier version), all upgraded with lvl 10 items. The first I used all Iron and ended with 357 def 350 mdef. The next was Iron and all lvl 10 Lumber, 4 atk, 353 def, 350 mdef, and the last with turnips, 353 def, 350 mdef and 4 str. The 3 def comes from the base shield.
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: Rositchi

1 year ago#76
Also noticed something weird while trying to optimize some gear. I made the Feather Hat and Boots and noticed the rarity bonus applying to only the Mdef stat. It's the same values as def, only in this case you don't get both like TLB. Going to test for shields to see if TRB only applies to Defense like I think it might and check some of the accessories.

Bold is what I had inherited Tier 3 Rarity for both, Tier 1 Level for shoes only
Feather Hat: Quality Worn Cloth, Thunderbird Feather, Pretty Thread, Left Rock Shard, Right Rock Shard, Grimoire Scale
Stats: 311 def, 300 mdef, 50 str, 160 vit, 50 int

Feather Boots: Orichalcum lv4, Big Bird's Comb lv3, Big Crystal lv 6, Thunderbird Feather lv10, Pretty Thread lv10, Grimoire Scale lv1
Stats lvl1: 40 atk, 241 def, 40 matk, 55 mdef, 50 str, 160 vit 50 int,

User Info: Rositchi

1 year ago#77
Made a Magical Shield: Crimson Scale lv3, Left Rock Shard lv2, Right Rock Shard Lv2, Rune Crystal lv2, Grimoire Scale lv1, Grimoire Scale lv2
Stats: 875 def, 920 Mdef, 100 str, 320 vit, 100 int
Didn't get the 20 points in either which is odd. Barrett does make the "rather unusual comment" for Tier 3 TRB.
Upgrading further, and the bonuses aren't appearing.
Edit: Feather hat does have Tier 1 TLB after checking again with Barrett.

User Info: Metastase

1 year ago#78
All info on which gears obtain what type of stats via Rarity Bonuses can be found on Omnigamer's data mining spreadsheet, found here:


It's on ITEM VALUES TAB, Bonus Type.

Magical Shield is, for some reason, the only item in the game without any category (outside of items that trigger event flags of which there are only 2: Venti's Charm and Engagement Ring) therefore it can't have the bonuses.

User Info: OlorinTheOtaku

10 months ago#79
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User Info: Rositchi

9 months ago#80
Thanks Meta, that was bothering me not knowing which pieces of gear got what defense. Making spreadsheets to help me keep track of stats and every time I made something, the bonus applied to the opposite.
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