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User Info: TakaRai7

7 years ago#1

just log in with your planetside 2 account since these are both sony websites and get yourself some camos
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User Info: kidersx

7 years ago#2
It's 100% legit. I just did it.
(85 SC per game)

Thanks TC.
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User Info: Crunch34

7 years ago#3
are these the only games that give u cash

User Info: TakaRai7

7 years ago#4
yes these are the only ones I checked all of them at http://www.soe.com/stationcash/
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User Info: Twinrova225

7 years ago#5
Bumping for good measure. You don't even need to dl the games or anything. Just login into the sites.
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User Info: FuriousFox

7 years ago#6
Neat, but what can you buy with only 170 station points? Nothing useful as far as I can tell. Just one time use costumes.
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User Info: TakaRai7

7 years ago#7
Paint a vehicle or two or get 3 weapons if you ever want to spend $20 dollars
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User Info: emotional28

7 years ago#8
Thanks TC!
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User Info: HAZCHEM88

7 years ago#9
Thanks a lot, TC! Got the 1 hour 50% XP boost, went from 5 certs to 80. :D
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User Info: Coops07

7 years ago#10
tyvm, great find!
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